My name is Yohan, and I am going to have a rhinoplasty in my story. It is that since I was a child, I always wanted to operate my nose and well and since I have already been a mother I have already had my four girls I think that now I could start not to worry about myself Well, 4 months ago I had a tummy tuck, and I was there, I was between the tummy tuck and the rhino, but I thought that since my baby was the smallest still as a girl, I didn’t know more or less how much it was better for me, no, and well, I decided on the other door for a rhinoplasty. An hour after 4 months and today, rhinoplasty arrived 4 days to go, and he told me There, you see it well if I told him to cover This, then he is only going to correct this. The tip says that no, he is not going to touch me, so He said it was a closed surgery, so the better it fits me, the less I have to do. The girl from my surgery always there attentive in both fears of operation and net was always today sent me this early morning wishing my luck does not stop for today’s consultation, and although anxiously happy because in the end one does it to improve oneself I have a blog on the page of my surgery where I always tell the girls that I can’t count because it is not something that is available to everyone, but if one can do it, it has its fruit.