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The club dates back to 1905. English businessman Gus Mears founded it. He bought Stamford Bridge stadium to use as a football tournament ground. His original idea was to lease the stadium to an existing club. Fulham was to be the tenant, but in the end the deal fell through. The businessman then had the idea of ​​creating his own club.

Since the formation of the club, Chelsea’s home stadium has been Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea logo

(Photo by NIKLAS HALLE’N/AFP via Getty Images)

Chelsea’s first logo never appeared on players’ caps. It was invented the same year the club began its existence. Thanks to this logo, the team was nicknamed Pensioners of London. The logo depicted the profile of an old gray-haired man with a towering beard.

With various interpretations, consisting of changing the color of the clothes and the shape of the old man’s beard, the logo was used until the early 1950s.

In 1952, a change of management decided to rename it, aiming, among other things, to change the nickname of “retirees” to the more marketable one of “blues”, that is to say “blues”.

The transition period lasted until 1953. Then the designers finally completed their work and unveiled to the world the logo which was the symbol of the club until 1986. The new logo lasted 33 years. With this badge on the chest, the club’s players, led by superstar Roy Bentley, already won their first victory in 1955, becoming the winners of the Super Cup in England.

In 1986, club marketing engines proposed a simplification of the club crest. An easy-to-read acronym replaced the fan-favorite design.

The new symbol was placed on the chest until Roman Abramovich came to “power”. Roman Abramovich came to power. After his appearance, it was decided to go back to basics and bring back the classic Chelsea logo. During the 2004/2005 season, the new crest, based on elements from the old design, appeared on the team’s playing kit.

In 2005, Chelsea celebrated the centenary of its founding. In honor of this event, the club played with an exclusive anniversary logo in keeping with established fashion.

Chelsea Football Club Shirts

Throughout the club’s history, players have worn blue shirts. In the first version they were slightly lighter than today. In addition to the jerseys, the players also wore navy blue socks and white shorts.

Traditional away shirt colors were white or yellow with blue trim. Apart from that, the club also had slightly unconventional uniforms. First, the away shirts consisted of black and white stripes, a version that players wore until the 1960s. Then the colors were changed to blue and black, mimicking the style of Internazionale Milano.

After that, several experiments with uniform colors were conducted until it changed from black to white in the 1990s and 2000s. This variant is still used today. An unusual pink and blue kit appeared in the 2020/2021 season.


There are many prizes and victories on the club’s account. We want to select the main highlights:

1907 – the team qualified for the first division for the first time.

1913- first foreigner (Nils Middelboe).

1928 – the club becomes the first to put player numbers on shirts.

1935 – An attendance record of 82,905 for a game against Arsenal is set.

1955 – first championships in club history (6 in total).

1965 – possession of the first Football League Cup (5 in total).

1970 – winning the inaugural FA Cup (8 overall).

1971 – the first UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup (2 cups in total).

1998 – the first UEFA Super Cup is won.

2012 – first victory in the Champions League.

2013 – first victory in the Europa League (2 in total).

2018 – FA Cup victory.


English football fans are the stuff of legends and movies. Traditional Chelsea fans come from the working-class neighborhoods of West London. They include Battersea and Hammersmith. The other part of the fans are based in the more affluent Chelsea and Kensington and the surrounding counties of the British capital.

Chelsea fans’ fame as hooligans was cemented as early as the 1970s and 1980s. The club’s ‘football firm’, originally called Chelsea Shed Boys and now called Chelsea Headhunters, was infamous for its nationalist views and actions violent towards the “football firms” of other clubs.

Among the Blues’ sworn enemies were West Ham’s Inter City Firm and Millwall’s Millwall Bushwackers. A special offer for the most dedicated fans bet on your favorite FC on .

When the level of violence reached its limit and local authorities even wanted to separate Chelsea fans from other fans with an electric fence, Stamford Bridge finally saw progress. The police began to intervene actively and surveillance cameras appeared in and around the stadium.


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