A motorcycle club will organize an Easter egg hunt | News


A Fayette County motorcycle club has raised thousands of dollars for a community Easter egg hunt that they say has one goal: to make every child who attends smile.

In preparation for the hunt, which will feature more than 3,000 candy-stuffed eggs as well as golden eggs, members of the East Plateau chapter of the Brothers of the Wheel Motorcycle Club spent their Saturday filling plastic eggs in the colors bright with an assortment of candies.

The Easter Egg Hunt is scheduled to take place from noon to 2 p.m. on Saturday, April 9 at Oak Hill City Park and will feature free photos with the Easter Bunny.

Motorcycle club president Jason Pemberton, also known by his road name Polo, said the idea of ​​a community Easter egg hunt was one he had been thinking about for some time as another way to give back to the community. community.

For years, Pemberton said the club supported and raised funds for the Fayette County Special Olympics, but he always felt like they could do more.

“I thought about it and I thought about it and I was like, ‘You know what, I want a better way to help the community and have fun at the same time,'” he said. . “So I thought about it and finally came up with the idea that I wanted to do an Easter egg hunt.”

Pemberton said club members were all in favor of the idea and immediately went out and bought 1,000 Easter eggs.

“We thought we were going to start small with 1,000 eggs, but it got out of hand once we started talking to people about it,” he said. “So we had to go back and buy another 2,500 eggs.”

Pemberton said what sparked the escalation was the number of local businesses jumping on board, offering to help fund prizes and buy candy for the egg hunt.

He said one of the first companies to donate was Speedworkz, an ATV and motorcycle repair shop in Oak Hill, which donated $1,500 to buy several bikes, scooters, balance bikes and other toys for children who will be offered as prizes during the Easter egg hunt. .

“My boyfriend owns the shop, and I knew he was all about helping the kids,” Pemberton said.

From there, Pemberton said several other companies expressed interest, including Mountain State Home Health Care Inc., The County Shop, Dub-V-Cutz, Mountain Memories and Walmart, which donated funds to purchase dozens of other prizes plus all the sweets needed to fill the thousands of eggs.

“This community will support everything 100% when it comes to kids and giving back,” Pemberton said. “The local businesses we support every day have reached out and made massive donations. I think that’s why it’s important to always buy local to help your local stores and stuff, because in the long run, they’re the ones who are going to give back and they’re the ones who will be there for their community.

Pemberton said the event was open to everyone, although he said the preferred age for egg hunt participants was 2-11, as that is also the age range they have for gifts.

With all the donations, he said they were able to buy around 70 prizes ranging from bikes and dolls to Easter baskets, remote control cars and more.

Prizes will be awarded to children who find one of the many golden eggs that will be scattered around the park, but Pemberton said each child will only be able to claim the golden egg so as many children as possible have a chance to win. a price.

Pemberton said he was blown away by the local response and how quickly they were able to come together to make this happen.

As a father of five, with children ranging in age from 11 months to 19 years old, Pemberton said this event was about children.

“We are a very family-oriented (motorcycle) club,” he said. “With everything we do, we try to make sure children can be included as well. . . and at some point, with everything going on inside the community with the pandemic and the drug epidemic and everything, the kids are the ones being punished for it.

“So it’s our way of giving back to the community and helping the kids so they can have fun and stuff.”


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