Ackroo signs a partnership agreement with Buz Club Software


HAMILTON, Ontario, March 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Ackroo Inc. (TSX-V: AKR; OTC: AKRFF) (the “Company”), a provider of loyalty marketing, payments and points of sale, and Buz Club Software (“Buz”), an all-in-one club management platform and service provider, are pleased to announce that the two companies have signed a joint marketing partnership agreement for Ackroo to become the exclusive reseller of Buz Club Software in Canada. Buz Club Software currently has over 120 clubs, mostly in the United States, using their all-in-one platform. Ackroo will help Buz evolve its product to have product parity with its GGGolf platform where Buz customers will benefit from many of the unique features and benefits that the GGGolf platform offers while retaining the robust feature set that Buz offer. Ackroo GGGolf customers will benefit from the various enhancements related to Buz by moving to the new combined product by adding features such as integrated internal accounting, restaurant point of sale, integrated web services, etc. Both companies believe that their combined efforts will lead to greater growth for both organizations and a better overall offering for their growing customer bases.

“We are very excited about our partnership with Buz Club Software,” commented Steve Levely, CEO of Ackroo. “As we continue to shift our business towards more point-of-sale solutions to complement our marketing and payment offerings, having a complete solution for our golf club customers was an important next step for this customer segment. . As we explored build versus buy versus partner decisions, we decided that partnering was in Ackroo’s best interest at this time to quickly provide a broader product offering to our growing customer base. . Over the past year we’ve learned that to really grow our club business, we need to provide our customers with a complete solution that includes all the features of GGGolf today, but also needs to include our own accounting offering, point of sale and extensive web services for this all-in-one offer that the market demands. Buz’s team has created an all-in-one solution where aspects like their accounting features and web services are industry leading. Combine these aspects with GGGolf’s market leading tee sheet, lottery and management platform and there is a very compelling offer for our combined growing customers and as a result, a much larger market share. important to win together rather than apart.

“Since 1997, Buz Club Software’s commitment to innovation has been a key driver of our growth,” said Maria Sanyshyn, vice president of Buz Club Software. “Over 120 clubs are already realizing the power of our all-in-one solution and we are excited to accelerate Buz’s growth by partnering with Ackroo to bring the benefits of the Buz platform to Ackroo-GGGolf customers.”

About Buz Club Software
Founded in 1997, Buz Club Software has become an established leader in the club management software industry. With decades of experience as club managers, controllers, and members, Buz Club Software provides cost-effective, high-quality club management products to customers across the United States and Canada. For more information, visit

About Akroo
Through vendor and industry consolidation, Ackroo provides marketing, payment and point-of-sale solutions to merchants of all sizes. Ackroo’s cloud-based, data-driven, self-service marketing platform helps merchants in-store and online process and manage loyalty, gift card and point-of-sale promotions transactions. Ackroo’s payment services offer merchants low-cost payment processing options through some of the world’s leading payment technology and service providers. Ackroo’s point-of-sale and hybrid management solutions help manage and optimize general operations for niche industries including golf clubs, car dealerships, and more. All solutions aim to help consolidate, simplify and improve the merchant marketing, payments and point-of-sale ecosystem for their customers. Ackroo is headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. For more information visit:

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