Amazon launches new Pokémon T-Shirt Club subscription box


As one of the biggest brands on the planet, Pokemon products are almost always in high demand at popular retailers. Amazon is no different: The biggest online marketplace has gone live with one of its T-Shirt Club memberships for Pokemon.

Amazon has dozens of subscription boxes available for brands like Marvel, DC, Dungeons & Dragonsand star wars. the Pokemon T-Shirt Club follows a similar model, allowing fans to sign up for a monthly subscription that features shirts exclusively designed through this service.

Each subscription box is a monthly subscription that can cost between $14.99 and $24.99, with the new Pokemon $19.99 box. Subscription gives fans officially licensed designs with free shipping every month, though shipping is limited to the US for most offers.

The size is the only thing you need to select. The color and material will be decided based on the design sent in by the designers in partnership with Amazon and The Pokémon Company. If you don’t like the design, you can return the shirt for free or skip the product of the month. Previews are usually shared before the product ships, giving shoppers time to decide on the design of the month.

This is not the first time exclusive Pokemon products have been sold on Amazon, and it probably won’t be the last. The brand continues to attract fans with its increasingly varied offers and the possible success of the Pokemon T-Shirt Club could mean more products will follow.


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