Asian Star and Carla Corporation join the Plumb Club


(PRESS RELEASE) NEW YORK — The Plumb Club announces the addition of two new companies to its roster of valued members. The inclusion of these qualified companies now brings the total number of members to 50 approved suppliers and manufacturers, representing more than 100 jewelry, watch and service brands that will be exhibiting in the Plumb Club pavilion at the JCK Las Vegas Show.

Sam Sandberg, President of the Plumb Club, said, “We are delighted that so many companies have expressed an interest in joining the Club, which underscores the incredible value that the Plumb Club brings to the industry and illustrates the benefits we offer to our members’ businesses.

Asian Star: One of the world’s leading diamond dealers, Asian Star has built a tremendous reputation over the past five decades among global jewelry brands and retail jewelry chains due to their deep-rooted values ​​and passion for diamonds. ‘Excellency. With end-to-end control over their supply chain from mine to market, they believe in making diamonds and creating jewelry responsibly. They source their rough diamonds directly from the best mining companies and adhere to the highest standards of ethical business practices. Their expertise lies in offering products that meet each customer’s design sensibility and price desirability, and they are passionate about creating personal and positive customer experiences.

“We are delighted to be accepted into the prestigious Plumb Club,” said Priyanshu Shah, Director of Asian Star. “And we are very honored to be part of a group of companies that follow the same responsible ethics and practices as we do. We commend the Plumb Club for constantly improving the support provided to its members and creating opportunities for more rewarding and quality interactions with customers. We look forward to a long-term alliance.

Carla Corporation: Founded in 1965, Carla Corporation has served retailers large and small for over 55 years. From their classic line of Carla Fine Jewelry to the modern styles of Nancy B, Carla Corporation offers a wide selection of high quality 14k gold and sterling silver jewelry, all backed by a lifetime warranty. They specialize in earrings with a varied selection of necklaces, pendants and bracelets. A third-generation, family-owned manufacturer headquartered in East Providence, RI, and Nancy B design studio located in Los Angeles, CA, they are committed to manufacturing excellence and delivering to their retail partners exceptional customer service.

Brian Fleming, Senior Vice President and Third Generation Owner, said, “We are thrilled to be part of the Plumb Club alongside many other great brands in the jewelry industry. We look forward to being a contributing member to the future success of the Club.


All Plumb Club members must meet strict ethical, business conduct and conduct, human rights, social and environmental responsibility requirements and comply with local laws, federal and international. Since 2019, all members of the Plumb Club must become certified members of the RJC (Responsible Jewelry Council).


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