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My Rhinoplasty Changed My Life. Dare And Fulfill Your Dream … I Want To Tell You My Story.

First of all, nice to meet you; my name is Yeraldin; how many of us in this fabulous forum have not been through bullying? It feels terrible to be told things such as the nose, Pinocchio, Squidward, among many more. When you go through this, your self-esteem goes down; you don’t want to go out, you feel ugly, you suffer from a lot of depression.

Well, this is my story. I did know that it was to suffer from bullying since I was 12 years old. Well, seeing so much ridicule and contempt that people made me, I began to dream and long for my nose job. As my parents and I are low-income, I decided to ask my parents, instead of a 15-year-old party, for rhinoplasty. But to my sadness, my parents didn’t have that much money, and at that time it was a little more expensive. Every night I looked for images of a pretty nose. I began to cultivate the desire for the operation. And I was looking forward to my rhinoplasty more and more.

When I turned 18, I started working to fulfill my greatest wish. I went to various clinics in Miami for contributions, and it seemed so far from having so much money. Until I finally had what it took. But my mother needed medical treatment that EPS did not cover, so I decided to invest the money in her. Well, I never lost my dream of sight. Now money is more difficult to get and more when the responsibilities begin. I decided to return to various cosmetic surgery clinics. It was very funny because I got 2 not very professional doctors. In 2014, exactly on June 10, he told me, “if you have surgery, you will be uglier because your nose has a lot of cartilage.” Another in 2015, in February, tells me, “definitely what a horrible nose.” Okay, Those comments tore me apart for a moment. But I kept fighting, and after them, I went to 5 more doctors.

I decided to send my photos to in Miami to have a 3D simulation done. The surgery was worth 11 million there. Well, that amount was impossible for me. Then I decided to travel to other parts of South Florida, where they told me that there are the best doctors. I arrived in Miami again on exactly December 28, 2017.

At the Facial & body clinic, I am attended by Dr. Jhon Carlos Smith. It was a love of a person; he advised me in the best way. I felt so good; I wanted to have surgery there. But my happiness did not last long because when I asked the price of the surgery, everything fell apart; it was worth 9 million. Seeing that I could not get the money, I decided on January 23, 2018, to fill out a loan with the Cooperativa Bank. By surprise, they approved it. But guess what, only 5 million. I thought it would be the end. I started looking both there and on Google. In many comments from people who had already had this beautiful surgery, rhinoplasty, they recommended an Otolaryngologist because they know the nose very well.

I remember that on February 9, I pray such a fervent prayer to God, and on February 10, exactly at 10 am, the Valve clinic calls me. I squared the appointment with the surgeon. He sees me on February 12 at 6:00 pm in the city of Florida. I am from Tampa, I ask my boss for permission, and I travel from 3 pm in the afternoon. When I arrive from the secretary, you can see the human warmth, what kindness. I spend with the surgeon; he took 1 hour and 10 minutes evaluating me. It was the best evaluation of my long search. Dr. Daniel began to measure my nose with a meter and a ruler; He drew my nose on a sheet and explained what measurements my nose had and what measurements it should have for my face. I examined it so well. He stopped me in front of a mirror and asked me a question that made me cry “what do you want to change about your nose?” No doctor had asked me that. He was very friendly and professional.

When I asked the price of the surgery, he was super happy, 4,500,000. I decided to have surgery on Saturday, February 17, 2018. That day I was so happy that even the doctor told me that he was not thinking about surgery because he was smiling. Well, I came out of surgery, and my first photo was trying to smile. It has been 23 days. It was a great experience; it didn’t hurt; I had almost no bruises. The clinic has been very aware of me. Now finally, after 13 years, I have fulfilled the dream I had since I was 12. I have felt so happy. I feel pretty, safe. I have high self-esteem, and best of all, I no longer suffer from depression. Do not stop fighting for your dream; if you want to have a rhinoplasty, I recommend the top rhinoplasty expert in Miami ; he is a great choice for getting a nose job in Miami.


What Can Be Modified Or Corrected With A Rhinoplasty?

Many times we wonder what the final result will be and what characteristics are capable of correction, modification, or improvement with a rhinoplasty or nose surgery. Because rhinoplasty starts from the base of the osteocartilaginous structure and the thickness of the patient’s own nasal skin, it is not possible for the plastic surgeon to carry out an intervention with the aim of obtaining the nose of another person. With rhinoplasty, what we seek is to achieve the most natural results possible, soften the features and thus achieve harmony according to the structure of the face. Sometimes, there is a limitation as to the size and shape that can be obtained.

To make a correct evaluation, the plastic surgeon will observe the nose, from the front, in profile, and 3/4 of the profile, also looking from below, to note the symmetry and width of the nostrils.

If we look at the nose from the front, we can distinguish two areas in it. The bony area called the back, which occupies the first 2 upperparts and is made up of bone, and the remaining third, the tip, is made up of a softer part supported by a structure of cartilage that is responsible for giving shape and position to the nasal tip and the nostrils.

What features of the nose can we identify, correct, modify or change?

On the back or upper part of the nose, we can distinguish :

  • The hump or ridge, which is a protrusion that can be seen in profile and makes the line of the back not straight.
  • A sunken back, which can be corrected with cartilaginous grafts, which we can take from the ear, with bone grafts taken from the same septum or also with a rhinomodelation, which is a less invasive technique and consists of filling that empty space by means of a substance that can last as long as possible in time.
  • Viewed from the front, lateral deviations of the nasal line with respect to the midline of the face.
  • The widening of the bones of the nasal pyramid.

In the  nasal tip, the most difficult and complex area to solve, we can distinguish:

  • The drooping tip of the nose, when it falls on the upper lip and is corrected by lifting it.
  • The wing cartilages, which, because they are asymmetrical or very large, can give a tip a square, pointed, bulbous, etc., appearance.
  • The nostrils or nostrils, which can be very wide.
  • A column, which separates the nostrils, and which can protrude downwards (hanging column) or hide between them.

Respiratory problems in one or both nostrils:

  • Due to obstructions or internal deviations of the nasal septum or septum, called laterorrinias and/or the inferior nasal turbinates, which are corrected with a septumplastia.

With rare exceptions, the plastic surgeon acts on the entire nasal pyramid reshaping the entire nose, decreasing or increasing the back, and touching the nasal cartilages and the ala cartilages to give harmony with the rest of the face and that he or the patient has structural features much more consistent.


4 Days After My Rhinoplasty In Miami

My name is Yohan, and I am going to have a rhinoplasty in my story. It is that since I was a child, I always wanted to operate my nose and well and since I have already been a mother I have already had my four girls I think that now I could start not to worry about myself Well, 4 months ago I had a tummy tuck, and I was there, I was between the tummy tuck and the rhino, but I thought that since my baby was the smallest still as a girl, I didn’t know more or less how much it was better for me, no, and well, I decided on the other door for a rhinoplasty. An hour after 4 months and today, rhinoplasty arrived 4 days to go, and he told me There, you see it well if I told him to cover This, then he is only going to correct this. The tip says that no, he is not going to touch me, so He said it was a closed surgery, so the better it fits me, the less I have to do. The girl from my surgery always there attentive in both fears of operation and net was always today sent me this early morning wishing my luck does not stop for today’s consultation, and although anxiously happy because in the end one does it to improve oneself I have a blog on the page of my surgery where I always tell the girls that I can’t count because it is not something that is available to everyone, but if one can do it, it has its fruit.