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Dear friends,

It is my pleasure to share more updates on the many happenings at AKC. The goal is to provide you with timely and up-to-date information on the many initiatives that staff focus on daily.

As we head into the fall, there is a lot of good news to bring to you from various departments. 2022 has been a banner year in many ways for our sports and I am very excited to share this information, and more, with you.

AKC Meet the Breeds Tour
The AKC Meet the Breeds Tour will make its final stop of 2022 in Columbus, OH on Saturday, October 15 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. Meet the Breeds offers attendees the unique opportunity to meet and play with a variety of different dog breeds while learning about responsible pet ownership and how to find the best breed(s) for their lifestyle directly from experts. From Affenpinschers to Yorkshire Terriers, this canine extravaganza is fun for the whole family.
We are deeply grateful to each of our clubs and exhibitors who volunteered their time, expertise and wonderful dogs to make these initiatives a success.
Announcement of 2023 AKC Meet the Breeds Tour dates and registrations will be available in November. Your race deserves to be represented. The ability to educate the public and promote the greatness of purebred dogs is important to the long-term preservation of our breeds and the creation of responsible dog owners. We look forward to seeing you and working with you on the next tour.

AKC Digital Library
In honor of the AKC’s 138th anniversary, we’ve launched our first-ever digital library. It includes the entire AKC Gazette from 1889 to the present day. The AKC Gazette is America’s longest continuously published dog magazine and one of the oldest sports publications in the country. Users can also search a collection of historic show catalogs from 1887 to 1983, including the first-ever Westminster Kennel Club dog show catalog from 1877. New collections will be added to the digital library in 2023.
All content is made available free of charge and is fully searchable in text through OCR in PDF files, making the library user-friendly. Visitors to the digital library can download issues to save or print and share direct links to issues or catalogs.
The digital library can be found at We hope you enjoy immersing yourself in the history of the great American Kennel Club.

Stewards of Public Education
Continuing education is essential as more and more people practice our sports. Noticing a need, I asked the AKC Canine College to develop three courses to train stewards in conformation, rallying and obedience. Classes will cover the basics of stewarding, how to become a ring steward, steward eligibility, obligations and etiquette, check-in procedures, ring and table setup, and ring procedures and management. . All three courses will be free and completed by the end of 2022.

Nominating Committee Selections
According to the Nominating Committee, the following individuals to be appointed to fill the three vacancies for the Class of 2027 on the AKC Board of Directors:

Dr. Charles Garvin, Delegate, Dalmatian Club of America, Inc.
Steven Hamblin, Steward, Pekingese Club of America
Dan Smyth, Esq., Steward, Burlington County Kennel Club, Inc.

Also, Eduardo Toshio Fugiwara, Delegate, Two Cities Kennel Club presents by petition.

Applications for the Class of 2027 close November 15, 2022. Applications should be sent to Executive Secretary Gina DiNardo.

Government Relations:
Save this date! The AKC Government Relations Department is hosting a Legislative Advocacy and Training Conference in Raleigh, NC, January 21-22, 2023. Learn from AKC Government Relations and other experts on the latest trends , strategies and tips for community outreach and legislative success. Also find out how you can get involved, improve results and inspire others to join the cause.
Topics include: Updated tips, tools and resources for successful legislative advocacy; Advanced Advocacy for Dogs; Creation of a federation and community organization; Media engagement and community outreach for purebred dogs; 15 Actions Your AKC Club Can Start Today; Understand the animal rights agenda in everyday life; National and international trends, legislative overview and strategy, advancing canine health AND MORE! For more information, contact the AKC GR department at [email protected]

Elections are important!
Election day is Tuesday, November 8. This year, all 435 U.S. House seats, 35 of 100 Senate seats, 36 governorships and many local seats will be contested. Although the media tends to primarily cover races at the federal and state level, local elections can be some of the most important for dog owners. Most animal control laws and other rules that affect you daily as a dog owner are decided at the local level. The AKC GR department has put together a guide to the 2022 Elections with simple things you and your club can do to make a difference in the upcoming election – from making sure everyone in your club is registered to vote in the identification of candidates accepting dogs in your community. Plus, if you hurry, your club still has time to send out a candidate survey to your local candidates. This survey helps you better understand your candidates’ views on dog issues and shows them that their local constituents and clubs care about these issues.

AKC Sports and Events:
Sports and Events had a record year for admissions and attendance. Over 25,000 events will take place in 2022. This represents an increase of over 2,200 events from the previous record high in 2019.
The total number of admissions is expected to reach 3.4 million, surpassing the previous record reached in 2019.
Scent Work and Fast CAT are seeing significant growth and conformation, rallying and many traditional field events are also seeing notable growth.
As a positive indicator for the future, entries into the Beginner Puppy conformation class are up 30% over 2019. All of this to say that collectively there are more unique dogs entering AKC Sports & Events than ever before. . Thank you to the dedicated club members, judges, AKC Board of Directors and staff who make this possible.

Although there are a number of indicators indicating that the overall demand for dogs has returned to more normal levels since the extreme peak of the pandemic. The United States still needs over 8 million new dogs a year, and AKC breeders can only produce about 20% of the total need. So there are still plenty of homes for well-behaved AKC purebred dogs. Year-to-date, AKC litters in 2022 are roughly equal to the number recorded in 2021, and many of these litters can be found on AKC Marketplace, which is visited by more than one million people per month. .

We’ve also worked on other ways to help breeders, including Breeder Toolkit; easier self-service options for ordering duplicate litter kits and certificates; and the ability for a breeder to receive their litter kit immediately via email instead of waiting for it to be delivered by USPS. Later this year, we’ll be rolling out a fully updated online litter application process that’s more mobile-friendly and comes with new features, including the ability to register artificially inseminated litters online.

The AKC also assists breeders through the AKC DNA Program. In fact, we recently hired Claire Wiley, VMD, DACVIM to oversee our program. She will move the AKC forward in a manner consistent with the vision set out by the ad hoc committee of the AKC Board of Directors regarding canine genetic testing, providing genetic counseling to our clubs and breeders, collaborating with canine health researchers and strengthening the AKC’s position at the center. efforts to improve dog health.

We are very excited about this 4th quarter, including the upcoming 22nd Annual AKC National Championship presented by Royal Canin, North America’s largest dog show. I look forward to my next update on the important work being done on behalf of you, your dogs and your clubs.

Please contact me with thoughts or questions.

Denis Sprung
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