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TELL CITY – Tell City’s athletes and sports programs are going to get some help, thanks to a committee of people who want to bring back the Tell City Booster Club. The goal is to build lasting success.

Some may remember the booster club, as Tell City had one. However, 20 years have passed since that time. Club members including Phil Fortwendel and Lee Chestnut said bringing it back came from the itch of wanting community support.

“The majority of us remember how competitive Tell City schools were in athletics,” said the Tell City Booster Club.

“You can point to several factors for the decline, whether student enrollment numbers, high coach turnover, or other schools have made athletics a higher priority. A few years ago, the men’s basketball team won a section title. The Tell City community was so excited and rallied around this team. Back then, the community had that feeling every year. A small group of community members started talking about how we could help bring these winning methods back. »

However, bringing a club back after 20 years is not easy. There must be a lot of conversations, goals and objectives, while ensuring that every sporting activity can be helped by this booster club.

“There were several factors to consider during this discussion,” said representatives of the Tell City Booster Club. “The first was that the group didn’t want to pull funding or replace what another specific sport or club was doing to raise funds. This booster club wanted to become a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to help all extracurricular activities when needed. So now questions to be answered on how to raise these funds and make them sustainable, make them accessible for any extracurricular activity needs, get community support and school officials, complete all required paperwork, and form a board.

The goals this club is trying to achieve include developing some self-funding with specific camps. Additionally, the club hopes that over time youth programs and facility upgrades can be impacted.

“The purpose of the Booster Club is to raise the necessary funds to help after school groups in Tell City Schools grow, improve and hopefully become competitively competitive. The hope is that some groups can develop some self-funding with specific camps or invitations to summer competitions,” representatives said.

“Over time, the focus will be on developing youth programs and upgrading facilities as needed. We hope to work directly with those coaches on the needs and find ways to create and sustain those programs,” they said.

In terms of the support they already have for this, they have a Facebook page called Tell City Marksmen Booster Club, Inc. There have been many responses from people saying they want to help the organization. The club’s representatives believe this is the only way it will work.

“It can only work if the community, as a whole, can support and is willing to support,” the Tell City Booster Club said. “Bringing the booster club back was an idea based on that community interest in seeing a more focused approach to seeing improvements in our athletics. We have an amazing community with so much support.

For those who might be interested in the club, they welcome all volunteers and extracurricular activities.

For example, if someone just wants to donate to a specific sport or group, the money can go directly to that group.

For additional contacts and information, contact [email protected] For those who do not have email access, the club will ask these people and phone numbers to contact them directly.


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