Black Eye Club TikTok Plot Explained


A conspiracy theory has caught on ICT Tacconnecting celebrities and The politicians black-eyed for the Illuminati and QAnon. Some have even attempted to link it to a reptilian race.

But where does this theory come from? Read on for the breakdown.

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What is the Black Eye Club?

The Dark Eye Club on TikTok is centered around the baseless idea that society’s elite have dark eyes due to specific initiation rituals and other bizarre ways.

The hashtag #blackeyeclubhas 3.8 million views on the platform and features numerous videos of people claiming that celebrities like Pope Francis, Kanye West, Doja Cat, and more have all participated in rituals to join the Illuminati.

A quick Google search will show that these celebrities have all appeared to have black eyes at some point.

Yet they also have plausible explanations.

The plot thickens when you consider that it is usually the left eye that is bruised, but most people are right-handed, indicating that the left eye is more susceptible to the effects of a punch.

Black eye club believers have also noted that celebrities pay large sums for security to keep them safe from harm.

However, this explanation does not take into account some stunts that went wrong during filming, car accidents or groups of fans trying to touch them.

Are there other conspiracy theories related to the Black Eye Club?

Some believe QAnon is responsible for bruised eyes.

They said the black eyes result from injections of a chemical called adrenochrome, which they say is derived from children’s blood. It is then injected into adults to give them a youthful appearance.

Another theory is that many online believers buy into the idea that reptiles make their way all over the world and start at the top rung.

Their theories range from incredibly intelligent snakes, taking over the human body through the mouth or the left eye.

Is the black eye club genuine?

No of course not.

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