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MARTINSBURG — At the height of summer programming, the Boys & Girls Club of the Eastern Panhandle is celebrating National Boys & Girls Club Week this week with a special mission-focused fundraising project.

Stacie Rohn, executive director of the Boys & Girls Club of the Eastern Panhandle, said the big push this year is developing identity in the community.

“One of the things we do is work with downtown businesses in Berkeley, Morgan and Jefferson counties,” Rohn said.

She explained the FAB 50 Club, which includes businesses selling logo cards at the point of sale for $1 each during National Boys and Girls Club Week.

“We’re trying to get our logo identification out into the community,” Rohn said. “He says, ‘I support great futures. What we ask of local business involvement is twofold: help us put our logo in the forefront of the community by selling 50 of them and displaying them in your business so that when people walk into your business , they notice the Boys and Girls Clubs. , and that makes a big difference.

Rohn said the project had two goals: to raise funds for scholarship applications and to raise awareness of the BGCEP name in the community.

“If I can get 100 places to raise $50, that will fill our void for scholarship applications. We had $10,000 in scholarship applications this year,” Rohn said.

Rohn said the BGCEP’s mission is to help a young person finish high school, graduate, and have a plan for their future.

“So if a child comes to us at 6, when they can join the club for the first time, and stays with us until they are 18, there is a good chance that this young person will have a future. thriving because we’ve helped build their success along the way, and it’s done, #1, thanks to a caring mentor,” Rohn said. “When kids walk through their door on day one, they tend to to gravitate towards that adult mentor that they connect with. That’s really important in the development of a young person.”

She explained that if a young person has a caring adult who sticks with them throughout their childhood, they are much more on the right track to graduating from high school and having a plan for their future.

“They’re going to grow into more successful adults,” she said.

With a growth mindset for the kids who attend the club, as well as the size of the club in general, Rohn said the BGCEP has an ultimate goal of growth.

“The reason we want our logo and information out there is that we want people to immediately think of us when they think of these development programs,” Rohn said. “That’s our goal – when someone new is moving to the area and they’re looking for a place or a space for their kids, they can come to the club.”

According to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America website, the week has been celebrated since 1941, recognizing the service clubs provide to communities, “blazing the trail for great futures within the reach of every young person who walks through our doors.”

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