Bullet Club member heads to Vegas ahead of AEW Double Or Nothing


It looks like the recent showdown between AEW and NJPW talent is just getting started ahead of next month’s ‘Forbidden Door’ pay-per-view.

As seen in the tweet below, Bullet Club’s Chase Owens took to social media earlier today and revealed he was in Las Vegas ahead of the AEW “Double Gold” pay-per-view. Nothing” from tonight in the same city. He hints that he might make an appearance, writing, “Let’s have some fun today!!” in his caption.

Owens is currently one-half of the IWGP Tag Team Champions in his first reign alongside fellow Bullet Club member Bad Luck Fale. Bullet Club frontman Jay White has appeared on AEW programming multiple times, with one of the most notable appearances being at “Dynamite” when AEW x NJPW “Forbidden Door” was first announced. That night, he stood on the AEW stage with Adam Cole and claimed that next month’s pay-per-view is all about Bullet Club and The Undisputed Elite.

During a recent appearance on the “Strong Style Podcast,” White explained that he wants to breathe new life into Bullet Club over the next year by appearing in every wrestling promotion possible.

“I guess what I’m doing is really trying to rejuvenate Bullet Club in the way that I really see it,” White told the strong style podcast. “You know, sometimes people can – whether they think Bullet Club is outdated or not. Especially since I’ve been away from Japan, with guys like EVIL and House of Torture trying to say they’re still Bullet Club. You know, Bullet Club works like that. (signal down) So I took it upon myself to go to Impactat Strong New Japanto AEW, just to prove that Bullet Club success has to come through me.

Other big names in NJPW have recently aligned themselves with The Bullet Club, including Juice Robinson. Upon his return to NJPW in late April, Juice revealed himself in a Bullet Club jacket and made a “too nice” gesture to signify his commitment to the longtime stable.

New Japan stars Jeff Cobb and Great-O-Khan invaded AEW “Dynamite” last Wednesday by interfering in the ROH Tag Team Title match between FTR’s Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler vs. Roppongi Vice (Trent Beretta and Rocky Romero. The members of United Empire stormed the ring and eliminated everyone in sight, including smashing Harwood and Trent Beretta through the tables at ringside. Cobb and Great-O-Khan would then imply that chasing after FTR and the ROH Tag Team titles as they step into the ring and hold the belts above their heads.

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