Clubs and Organizations: The garden club hears about Lukeman


The Morgan County Garden Club met on October 15.

Michelle Berg Vogel, agriculture and natural resources program coordinator at the University of Illinois Extension, shared information about long-term plans for Lukeman Garden. The garden is on the west side of Lincoln Avenue, along the north side of Morton Avenue. She also showed slides of edible plants that can be incorporated into landscapes.

During the business meeting, it was announced that the winter issue of Garden Glories magazine would be sent to garden club members electronically. Spring-Summer and Fall issues will be printed and mailed as usual. Club members should ensure that the club has their correct email address.

All club members who wish to have a club logo apron for the sale of plants or a club shirt with the logo should contact Anita Moody. It was announced that members who are willing to drive their vehicle for future field trips will be reimbursed at the rate of $0.30/mile. The next meeting will be at 1:30 p.m. on November 19 at the Prairie Land Heritage Museum. The program will be presented by Penny Moore-Garner on the theme “Creating Holiday Wreaths from Nature”. Nancy Hamby will give the 5 minute talk.

Refreshments will be served at 1 p.m. by the hostess committee, including Stacy McQueen, Nancy Hamby, Linda Sullivan and Sharon Clark. Guests are welcome. Members are reminded to mark their calendars for Christmas lunch at noon on December 17 in the barn at Water’s Edge Winery. Reservations will be required.

— Submitted by Martha Vache

Rotary Club of Jacksonville

President Lisa Kluge called the Rotary Club of Jacksonville’s Nov. 4 meeting at noon in Hamilton.

We continued with a reflection by Dan Lepper, followed by the pledge of allegiance and the singing of a verse of “America.”

Lisa thanked today’s volunteers, including Dave Fisher, Jan Ryan, Bertie Robinson, Kathryn Grady, Daphne Spradlin, Kim Brogdon, Todd Evans, Gina Hayes and Lynne Sheaff. She welcomed guests Jennifer, April Falker, Drew Hayes, Colton, Polly Pulley and Joshua Knight. We greeted them with a welcome song, followed by “Smile”.

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Gina thanked everyone who helped make Squeal at the Wheel a big hit.

• Battle of the Bells will take place all day November 12 at County Market and again in December.

• The Nominating Committee announced the slate of leadership candidates for next year: President-Elect/Membership Chair, Dan Lepper; treasurer, Tom Luber and Joe Kaufmann; secretary, Kathryn Grady; club administrator Bertie Robinson; community service, Dave Fisher; vocational (Southern School), Sharon Zuiderveld; and fundraiser, Madison Rever. A motion to close the nominations and accept the slate was moved, seconded and carried unanimously. The elections will take place next week.

• Seats will be removed from the steering wheel on November 4th.

• The Membership Committee will meet at noon on November 7th in the Chamber.

• The Community Services Committee will meet at 4:00 pm on November 7 at the Salvation Army.

• The first social Monday will take place at 5 pm on November 7 at Bahan’s.

• The council meeting will be held on November 9 in the chamber.

Reconnaissance was done by Todd Evans. Rotations were given by April Clarke, who announced that the Salvation Army has purchased the Student Union building on the old MacMurray College campus and will move in early 2023. Nancy Thorsen also rotated .

A Paul Harris Fellow was awarded to Reverend Polly Pulley for her wonderful work at the Spirit of Faith Church.

Lisa introduced Karen Walker, who spoke about The Rotary Foundation with help from Mike Schneider, Dave Fisher and Bertie Robinson. Jan Ryan, April Clarke and Nancy Thorsen. The quiz winners were Polly Pulley, Todd Evans and Nancy Thorsen.

Chuck Sheaff shot unsuccessfully for the 50-50 pot.

The meeting closed at 1 p.m. with the four-way test.

— Submitted by Lynne Sheaff


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