CryptoTRUMP Club – Drop 2, continues the iconic limited edition NFT collection, available now exclusively on DeepRedSky Marketplace (Powered by Parler)


CryptoTRUMP Club – Drop 2 is the exciting sequel to the CryptoTRUMP Club’s initial DeepRedSky (DRS) showcase, an experience-rich utility NFT collection with unique and iconic images of the former President donald trump in various contexts, highlighting and honoring the unique personality of the 45th President of United States. Each CryptoTRUMP NFT is also one of a kind and features President Trump alongside NFT items with varying degrees of rarity for collection, such as expression and style, background and foreground, clothing and accessories, etc.

Today’s NFT collection and drop is offered by popular demand, Parler CEO George Farmer explains, “We are excited to bring the latest additions to the CryptoTRUMP Collection to the DeepRedSky Marketplace and Talking Communities for all America’s 45 fans.and President, whose personality, perseverance and productivity are only gaining popularity.”

Owners of the CryptoTRUMP Club Collection will also have access to an exclusive Discord channel frequented by top MAGA influencers, and experiences that include private chats, invitations to special events, and access to the MAGAverse – a metaverse community where holders can live among their favorite MAGA. celebrities and attend virtual events. The CryptoTRUMP Club collection is verified and available for trading on secondary NFT marketplaces such as Magic Eden, which offers Solana NFT collections.

NFT’s initial offerings in the CryptoTRUMP Club Collection dropped last month exclusively to the DRS Marketplace, which will continue to add more exclusive artwork and commemorative experiences in the weeks and months to come. DRS will support both political engagement initiatives, as well as NFT collections celebrating major moments in politics, pop culture and professional sports. To view or purchase any of the CryptoTRUMP Club Collection NFTs, visit

DeepRedSky is also currently offering newly created 3D NFTs from the “Banned Bees Collection” and their first offering “The Bee’s Last Tweet”, while supplies last.

About the artist: CryptoTRUMP Club (CTC) are the creators of DeepRedSky’s first NFT showcase, the CryptoTRUMP Club Collection, which first released NFTs last month. The CryptoTRUMP Club is building an America-First Web 3.0 community and encouraging forty-five-year-old fans to join the MAGAverse. 10,000 CryptoTRUMPS will be offered in total, each in the collection featuring unique style and attributes.

About DeepRedSky (DRS): The premium marketplace provides an engaging yet streamlined user experience and connects fans and collectors with world-class individuals and brands across politics, media, sports and the arts. DeepRedSky features creators who share the values ​​of free speech and protection from Big Tech, Big

Media and big government. Offering NFTs between creators and peers with varying degrees of rarity, DeepRedSky amplifies the digital shopping experience through auctions, packs and drops, gumball machine schemes and instant purchases. Collectors can purchase NFTs by credit card and receive the assets through any Solana blockchain wallet. Learn more at:

About Parler Inc. : Parler has a bold vision to make freedom of speech, security and privacy a reality through social media and blockchain technology. Over 16 million users have chosen Parler as their social media platform to protect themselves against the authoritarian powers of Big Tech, Big Government and cancel culture. Speak uses the First Amendment to the US Constitution as a guide, allowing people to speak freely without fear of being hung or labeled “unsafe” and banned. Parler is the public town hall where everyone is welcome and where civil debate is encouraged around various topics. Founded in 2018, Parler is based in Nashville, TN, and has a growing global community of content creators. To learn more, visit or download on iOS App store now.



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