Eastern Fremont County Historic Club wraps up year with a look at the coal industry – Canon City Daily Record


The East Fremont County Historical Club for Grades 3-5 will end their year with a look at Fremont County Coal. In 1895, Jesse Frazer, known as “Uncle Jesse”, came to the Missouri area with apple trees. Uncle Jesse produced some of the first apple orchards in Fremont County. He created the Colorado Orange Apple which won numerous awards at local county fairs.

Apples weren’t the only thing Uncle Jesse had a hand in. On his property he owned, west of what is now Florence, Uncle Jesse found coal in 1860. He dug enough to sell it to local farmers and neighbors.

Uncle Jesse sold his land with coal to JT Musser who developed the town and mine of Coal Creek. In 1871, RN Clark, who took over Musser’s business, sold the mine to the Colorado Fuel & Iron Corporation in Pueblo.

The Denver & Rio Grande Railroad spurred Coal Creek to carry coal to many parts of Fremont County. Coal Creek was incorporated in 1882. The fire of 1907 destroyed the town. It all started at the salmon bottling plant. In the end, 102 buildings were destroyed and 300 people were left homeless.

Blue Spruce Gallery Announces Call for Artists for Upcoming Photography Exhibition

The Blue Spruce Gallery hosts the 21st Annual Photography Exhibition in June. The show runs from June 8 to July 4 and ribbons will be awarded in many categories. There are also cash prizes for the best photos in several categories. Photographers are encouraged to submit work for this long-running exhibition.

Entries are due to the gallery by June 6 and are limited to three entries per artist. Entry fee is $25 and entry forms can be found at the gallery or online at www.bluespruceart.com. The opening artists’ reception will take place on June 10, from 5 to 7 p.m. Call 719-784-1339 for more information.


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