Farmington High School Book Club Engages Students in Reading and Conversation


FARMINGTON, Conn. (WTNH) – Reading is the cornerstone of success. The challenge for many parents and teachers is to motivate students to open a good book.

The Farmington School District is making it happen.

Farmington High School has a “Choice Book Group”, a book club where students have the freedom to choose their content.

“I like the freedom and it makes me read more,” freshman Zachary Beck said, “because I probably wouldn’t have read this unit so much with a book I didn’t choose.”

It’s as much about talking as it is about reading.

“The idea is that they can socialize about their love of reading and do the learning within these groups together. A bit more of a small group community,” said Sadie Robinson, an English teacher at Farmington High School.

The proof is in the numbers. Since this school adopted a new schedule allowing for more voice and choice, the library has seen a 300% increase in the number of books borrowed.

The format is designed to allow reading material to change and move as students do so that it is relevant to them.

“For example, the book we are reading right now is about a girl who is the victim of a lot of racism. It’s right after 9/11 and she’s Muslim,” Beck said.

It engages them, speaks to them and, above all, enjoys what they read and learn.

“If I can understand the book, I can really understand the world better,” Beck said.


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