File Report, New Directors of Delhi Gymkhana Club Said | Delhi News

NEW DELHI: The Ministry of Corporate Affairs, in its order, required the new directors to file a report in the main chamber of the National Company Law Tribunal, under the terms of the order it passed last week.
“The appointed directors … will take over from the administrator and any person who may be in charge of the company immediately under the NCLT order,” the Department of Corporate Affairs said in its statement. ordered.
The order also stated: “The directors … are required to take all necessary steps to restructure the company in accordance with the memorandum and articles of association and to take charge of corrective measures which are in violation of the memorandum and Statutes and Companies Act, 2013.”
Speaking strongly about the management of the first club in Lutyen’s Bungalow Zone, a bench of two NCLT members said there was ‘enough evidence’ to consider it a case of mismanagement club business. She also observed: “The continued behavior of the governing body of the company whose acts are prejudicial to the public interest and contrary to the social interest justifies the dissolution of the company of this type.

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