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The Rotary Club of Coolamon will soon send sunflower seeds along with specially printed packets to Rotary Clubs NSW. Photo provided.

At Wednesday’s Forbes Rotary meeting, the Forbes Rotary Club agreed to donate to the Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) Ukrainian Humanitarian Relief Fund and the RAWCS National Flood Appeal.

Since the invasion of Ukraine, Rotary’s Ukraine Relief Fund has received nearly $1 million which is currently channeled directly to Ukraine through the Eastern Europe international charity group CARITAS.

For local residents wishing to donate to the Ukrainian appeal, simply log on to the RAWCS website and select the “Projects” link and enter the project number.“83-2014-15”.

Once the details for this project appear, select the “Donate” option and complete the details regarding your donation.

All donations are tax deductible.

As the national floral emblem of Ukraine is the sunflower, the Rotary Club of Coolamon, with the donation of several tonnes of sunflower seeds from a local farmer, will soon be sending seeds along with specially printed packets to Rotary Clubs NSW.

These will be packaged and sold for $2 a pack, with proceeds from the sale going to the RAWCS project mentioned above.

To donate to the RAWCS National Flood Appeal, again, donors must log into the RAWCS website, select “Projects” and enter “47-2021-22” then select the “Make a donation” link and complete the details regarding your donation. Again, all donations to this appeal are also tax deductible.

With increasing requests for help from those who are not so lucky, Rotary Australia is always looking for people to help with fundraising, youth projects, overseas humanitarian aid projects , national and local, environmental projects and health research projects.

For those who would like to know what it means to become a member of Rotary, please call one of the members of your local Rotary club; Garry Pymont on 0427 401 267, Chris Finkel on 0429 661 358 or Grahame Uphill on 0427 640 065.


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