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Dozens of Fort Hood spouses turned out for the Fort Hood Spouses Club super registration event Aug. 18 at the Lone Star Conference Center.

“I like to think it’s the greatest time of the year to come and sign up, join us and find out what the club is all about,” said FHSC 2nd Vice President Moya Pierre.

Spouses in attendance could wander around the Luau-themed event to the various booths and learn about the many Fort Hood organizations they could be a part of, including the Fort Hood Scholarship Fund and Santa’s workshop. There were also several local businesses present and sub-clubs that spouses could join, as well as a silent auction.

“The reason we do it in August – we are in PCS season. It’s a good time for us to welcome new spouses, new family members, new community members into the club itself. This is why the Super Sign-Up event is such an important event for us,” said FHSC President Melissa Sims. “It’s a way of saying we’re here and we’re all inclusive.”

Sims and Pierre emphasized that they wanted to include as many people as possible in the Fort Hood Spouses Club.

“The service member who is a spouse can join. If your spouse is retired, you can join. You can be an associate member. It’s not just for wives and that’s the point we want to get across,” Pierre said. “It’s for anyone who has (a spouse) who is affiliated with the military.”

Sims added: “And if you happen to be one of the families whose spouse is no longer with us, first of all thank you on behalf of the club for this sacrifice, but we want you. Just because your spouse is dead doesn’t mean you’re not part of this community.

They have a great passion for FHSC because Pierre and Sims, as spouses themselves, understand the importance of spouses having a sense of belonging.

“Every time you move, you lose your circle. I got into this club in 2017 through our wine club which is now called our Spirits and Charcuterie club, but that’s how I got into it,” Sims explained. “For me, sub-clubs are really important because they’re the ones that actively bring people in and have helped me find my Fort Hood family, my Fort Hood tribe.”

“I joined because I love volunteering,” said Pierre. “I love being around people. I love getting to know people. I just wanted to put myself out there. “We have an amazing team. We all wear many hats. don’t have time to volunteer, (this) women’s group…we’re sisters,” Pierre said. “We’re strong and we’re getting there.”

Sims said there is sometimes a disconnect in unit family prep groups as some may hesitate

“The Spouses Club is an organization that can help with this disconnect. Whether it’s because we don’t come out and take a step or just feel uncomfortable, we don’t feel like we have this family in unity,” he said. she explains. “But organizations such as Spouses Club, Santa’s Workshop, volunteering in various organizations make you stand out.”

Sims and Pierre encourage those interested in the FHSC to simply take the first step and get involved.

“We encourage everyone to take a step. You never know what awaits you until you take a step to make a change,” Sims said. “I know it’s corny to say, ‘Find your tribe’, but that’s what clubs like this are for.”

The next FHSC will be the Texas BBQ with Friends luncheon at the Killeen Arts Center on September 15.


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