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Sebastian Keane was drafted by the Boston Red Sox out of high school three years ago, it seemed like every local player’s dream was coming true. The North Andover resident would have the chance to join his hometown team, but as exciting as the opportunity was, there was a small twist to what looked from the outside like a local home run angle.

Keane grew up as a Yankees fan.

“My dad grew up in the Bronx and a bunch of my cousins ​​and uncles live in Connecticut,” Keane said. “Growing up, I went to every Yankee game at the old stadium. I also went to the new stadium, so it was really great news when they called my name.

After giving up the chance to sign with the Red Sox and play college ball at Northeastern University, Keane’s childhood dream came true Tuesday when he was drafted by the Yankees in the 18th round (No. 550 altogether).

Keane has confirmed that he intends to sign and will fly to the club’s facility in Tampa today. Once there, he will undergo his physical exam and will likely spend the next five weeks training and getting acclimated to his new professional routine.

From the moment he received the news, Keane said life was a blur.

“Everyone has been texting me,” Keane said. “My phone kept blowing up.”

When Keane flies to Tampa to begin his professional journey, he won’t be going alone. Cam Schlittler, his Northeast baseball teammate and roommate, was also a seventh-round selection by the Yankees and is expected to fly on the same flight as Keane.

“It’s awesome, it’s going to be so much fun to compete with each other and improve to the next level,” Keane said. “It’ll also be nice to use all those resources that Northeastern doesn’t have, all the big things the Yankees have and their minor league system.”

And once Keane finishes in Tampa for the fall, he plans to return to the Northeast for the fall semester to continue working toward his degree.

“That’s the plan, I want to graduate, so after I finish in Tampa, I’ll come back, I’ll live on the Northeastern campus and I’ll work here and pitch there, whatever the Yankees want me to do for that I’m doing my classes,” Keane said. “It’ll be good, I’ll be part of the North East baseball program, I can be with the kids, but I can also train and practice on my own. .”

Eventually, Keane will return to Tampa for his first spring training, officially kicking off a trip he hopes will culminate with a return to his family’s former stomping ground in the Bronx.

“It was really, really exciting,” he said.

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