How Wrexham Lager’s Latest ‘Club Pilsener’ Gets Its Name


WREXHAM Lager has revealed the interesting story of how its latest beer – launched last month – was inspired by the company’s illustrious history.

This is the first beer produced by Wrexham Lager in about two years and brewed with premium German malt.

But how did it get its catchy logo and name? Well, the company has now revealed everything via social media.

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Wrexham Lager has told how the inspiration for the Club Pilsner logo comes from the 1880s.

The original 1880s Wrexham Lager bottles were adorned with labels depicting the Wrexham Lager “Ace of Clubs” brand.

One of the most famous labels was the “Four Aces”.

A statement from Wrexham Lager reads: “Rumor had it that when Lord Kitchener entered the city of Khartoum in Sudan in the 1800s, a stock of Wrexham Lager was found in the palace of the late General Gordon.

PIC: The immediately recognizable Club Pilsener logo.

“This story is supported by a letter, which was received October 5, 1898, at the original Wrexham Lager brewery, written by Army Service Corps Staff Sergeant, from a post in the Sudan, 49 miles north of Khartoum, dated September 21, 1898.

“It reads; Gentlemen, I enclose one of your labels, which was removed from a bottle found in the grounds of Gordon’s Palace in Khartoum, September 3, 1898. I am sending it out of curiosity, just for you let it be known how far Wrexham Lager can be had. Signed. Jas Cowley, Sergeant Major First Class.

“Stories like these make us truly appreciate the wonderful legacy of Wrexham Lager and what an incredible honor it is for our family to brew it again. We hope to do it justice.

“A big thank you to Robert Graesser, who is the great-grandson of one of the original owners of the original Wrexham Lager brewery, for reaching out to us and sharing all of his wonderful family history.”

The Wrexham Lager Beer Company Limited was founded in 1882 by two German immigrants, Ivan Levinstein and Otto Isler, where they made bitters, ales and lagers.

In 2000 the company stopped producing Wrexham Lager products, the site was demolished and turned into a shopping mall.

However, there was a revival of the Wrexham Larger product in 2011 with brothers Mark Roberts and Vaughan Roberts building a much smaller but successful brewery which led to great success and even the opening of a store. brewery.


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