Inauguration of Cardinal Stadium Angel’s Envy Bourbon Club


Normally, Josh Heird conceded, he’s “not a big fan of drinking bourbon at 10:30” on a weekday morning.

The Louisville athletic director was ready to make an exception Thursday at Cardinal Stadium, happy to toast the opening (of sorts) of the new Angel’s Envy Bourbon Club.

“If there was a time to do it, this Thursday, today at 10:30 a.m. might be the time to do it,” Heird said, shortly before raising a glass with the Angel’s Envy general manager. , Gigi DaDan.

Angel’s Envy donated $4 million to renovate the 18,000 square foot space, formerly known as the Brown & Williamson Club. He will be available for community and corporate events.

It will open for Louisville’s football home opener next Friday against Florida State. And in theory it will be over then.

The space looks ready now, but it’s “not 100 percent complete,” Heird said. There were still workers wearing hard hats walking through the space on Thursday. Asked about a sprint to finish it, Heird said “The finish line is next Friday at noon”, and even that he amended.

“The timeline is Sept. 16 at 7:30 a.m.,” Heird said, referring to the Florida State game’s kickoff time. “So they’ll work on it until then.”

The opening of Angel's Envy Bourbon Club at Cardinal Stadium on Thursday, September 8, 2022 in Louisville Ky.

The renovated club spans the full length of the Cardinal Stadium grounds, features a new steel mezzanine with a double staircase that connects its two levels. There are 14ft x 24ft LED screens at either end of the club with new TVs and a new sound system throughout the space. In the middle of the club is a large custom barrel system built by K-RAX that Heird called “the centerpiece of this club space.”

In the works:Better Wi-Fi and concessions? Louisville Football Announces Improvements to Cardinal Stadium

Originally announced in May, the new Angel’s Envy Bourbon Club is the “centerpiece” of Louisville’s offseason improvements at Cardinal Stadium, but not the only one. WiFi in the stadium has been upgraded with more resources to make access to games faster and easier. Additionally, Louisville fans can expect faster concession wait times with the installation of Grab and Go Stations.

The upgrades were made after the U of L consulted feedback received from ticket holders during and after the 2021 season.

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