NA speaker’s brother fails to pay Rs146m rent from government club


ISLAMABAD: Adnan Khan, brother of National Assembly Speaker Asad Qaisar, is forcibly occupying a government-owned bowling club in a prime location of Islamabad and refusing to pay rent worth Rs 146 million over the past last two years, official documents reveal.

Recently, Islamabad Municipality issued a final warning to Adnan Khan for violating the agreement and asked him to vacate the premises immediately and pay the amount owed. Interestingly, the CDA official who issued the final warning to Adnan was removed from his post within a week and transferred to another department.

A senior government official told The News on condition of anonymity that Asad Qaisar’s brother was pressuring relevant authorities to prevent them from taking over both the Mega Zone (a bowling club in F-9 Park ) and the amount due.

Adnan Khan, in response to the allegations, told The News that the contract for the club was awarded to him in 2019 and he paid the lease amount for the first year right after owning the government property. However, due to Covid-19, the commercial establishment remained closed for half the time, which prevented him from paying the rent.

In 2019, CDA signed an agreement with Liaquat Ali to manage the bowling club in the F-9 Park mega zone, a prime location in the capital. Under the terms and conditions of the agreement, Liaquat could not sublet the bowling club to another party without prior approval from the CDA. The amount of the lease as per the agreement was set at Rs 62 million per year which was paid to the civic body in advance for the first year.

Liaquat told The News that after the deal he renovated the facilities and ran the club for just one month, then due to illness and later after an accident he fell into a coma. Once out of the coma, he discovered that Adnan Khan (brother of the NA speaker) and Fazl had taken over the club.

In accordance with clause 10 of the initial agreement between the Capital Development Authority and Liaquat, the tenant cannot sublet the site to another party. In addition, clause 19 of the contract clearly states that the amount of the lease for the second year must be deposited one month before the end of the first year of the lease.

After entering into this contract, on 01-01-2020, the then lessee, Liaquat Ali & Co (Pvt) Ltd, signed a partnership deed in which the Mega Zone was renamed Leisure Arena, F-9 Park , and it was explained that the company contained a 55% investment from Fazl Muhammad and 45% from CEO Liaquat Ali.

In this act of partnership, Adnan Khan s/o Sardar Bahadur is a witness. On 23-01-2020, another power of attorney was signed in which the company shares of M/s Liaquat Ali & Co (Pvt) Ltd were reduced to 7.5% while the shares of Fazl Muhammad remained the same, however, two new partners emerged, namely Dr. Imranullah Khan holding 30% shares and Sharak Khan with 7.5% shares. In the said deed, M/s Liaquat Ali & Co (PVT) Ltd, the original tenant, was asked to sell its 7.5% shares to other partners and exit the business. For this purpose, a committee (Jirga) was constituted, consisting of Adnan Khan and Amer Nadir Khan. It has been decided that the Jirga has the power to transfer the business in the name of Fazl Muhammad and others.

However, the prime contractor, Liaquat Ali, who signed the agreement with the CDA, objected to signing any power of attorney or deed with the Jirga. According to Liaquat, Fazl and his silent partner Adnan Khan, through an alleged false power of attorney, took over the club. He claimed that the power of attorney and the alleged false agreement on the basis of which Fazl took over the club bears his false signatures.

The agreement signed before the Jirga of which Liaquat claims a false and falsified document suggests that Liaquat received Rs 20 million from Fazl to pay the CDA dues. However, instead of paying the lease amount, he spent the money elsewhere. Later, he gave Fazl a check to withdraw the money from his account. However, the checks were dishonoured, and Liaquat was sent to jail.

Official sources told this correspondent that Adnan Khan and Fazl Muhammad (major partner of Mega Zone) used Liaquat Ali as a front man and are now using him as a scapegoat since he is the main contractor.

The documents available from this correspondent reveal that on 28-08-2019, the manager Projects DMA (MCI) granted them a license for the management of Mega Zone / Bowling Club at F-9 Park Islamabad at Rs 62 million per year with 10% increase each year for a period of two years extendable by one year to the satisfaction of the DMA.

Following the violation of the agreement by Adnan Khan and others for not paying the rent for the second year, the administration of the capital wrote four letters to Mega Zone on 29-10-2020, 09-11 -2020, 18-11-2020 and 27-11-2020 respectively for the payment of unpaid dues under the bowling club contract. As the government failed to recover the money from the rental of Mega Zone, a final warning was then issued by the MCI dated 12-01-2022.

Speaking to The News, Adnan Khan said due to the lockdown during the pandemic, the commercial facility has remained mostly idle. “Other than that, I have spent millions of rupees on the upkeep of the club. We are lost, why should we pay the amount when the bowling club was closed for half the time,” he said. he said, adding that they had filed a lawsuit in court.

Asked about the transfer of the director of municipal cooperation, Adnan first said that the transfer orders for the director were issued before the latest warning was issued. However, after showing him the dates of the warning and transfer orders, he said they had no concerns about the official’s transfer.

Talking about Liaquat Ali, he said he was a fraudster and issued bad checks with fake CNICs for which he was sent to jail. On October 28, 2021, Fazl Muhammad, the club’s second partner and close associate of Adnan Khan, filed a petition in the Islamabad District Judge Court and requested a relaxation in the terms of the contract due to Covid-19 and his impact on the business community. Fazl in his petition claimed to have spent around Rs 53.8 million on the bowling club for his upgrade. He appealed to the court to obtain arbitration between them and the government and prevent the authorities from taking possession of the premises or organizing a new tender/auction.


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