Nakisaki Humanitarian Consortium and Jamaican Community Club Partner to Organize Baseball Coaching Certification Program


The Nakisaki Humanitarian Consortium, Inc. (NHC) as part of its sports development initiative will partner with the Cheapside Youth Club (CYC) to host a four-day baseball practice clinic beginning Thursday, October 20 at the CYC in Cheapside, St. Elizabeth. The event will include a two-day baseball coaching certification program.

The certification program offers coaches of all levels unprecedented levels of instruction from former Major League Baseball (MLB) players. The first day will feature guest instructors providing lecture and discussion training and an opportunity for attendees to network with the instructors. The second day takes place in the field, demonstrating the concepts introduced on the first day.

“We are very pleased to partner with the Cheapside Youth Club in this endeavor as it adds another level of community involvement to a wonderful weekend of baseball. We want to train as many physical education teachers at St. Elizabeth Elementary School during this initial training session,” said NHC President Hopeton Brown.

“Coaches who successfully complete the course will receive certification valid for their entire coaching career with Babe Ruth League, Inc.”

The Coaches Clinic is an educational program aimed at creating a higher level of coach education and improving the ability of coaches to better serve student-athletes, their teams, and communities. The clinic provides a hands-on learning experience for all coaches, focusing on some of the fundamentals of the game, as well as practice planning and team management.

Although the clinic is aimed at coaches, it is also open to players. Clinic presenters will cover a variety of baseball topics, including pitching, fielding, base running and hitting. Discussions will focus on mechanics and philosophy as well as the sharing of ideas, exercises and tips.

The Baseball Coaching Certification Program will be presented by the Andrew Dixon Foundation. The Foundation will provide a fundamental coaching manual as well as equipment including balls, bats, gloves, caps, uniforms and other items necessary to perpetuate the teaching and development of the initial baseball program planned for 2023 .

For more information on the Baseball Coaching Certification Program, contact Hopeton Brown 215-888-8432 (WhatsApp), email: [email protected]. To register for the clinic, contact Robert Simpson at 876-402-3489, email: [email protected].

Nakisaki Humanitarian Consortium Inc. is an IRS 501(c)(3) registered organization based in the United States. The organization assists individuals and families in need by providing them with temporary housing, training and mentoring necessary to reform their lives in order to be successful contributors to society in our global competitive environment. Additionally, the company provides funding to religious institutions so they can grow and contribute to the stated goals of society.

Photo by Ben Hershey on Unsplash


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