New Aberdeen stadium reportedly generates £1billion as club takes inspiration from Premier League club


Key findings from the Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce and MKA Economics report, commissioned by Aberdeen City Council and the football club, show how a new beach plot would generate £1billion for the local economy, helped by an attendance of 38 million. It is hoped that a new complex that includes leisure facilities would see an additional 350,000 visits per year for major events alone, on top of the 400,000 visits Pittodrie currently generates. It is estimated that hundreds of jobs would be created.

The Dons wish to leave Pittodrie but remain in town. It is hoped that the club being a centerpiece of investment in Aberdeen’s waterfront would have a similar effect to Brentford and its nearby Gtech community stadium. The club looked first to Kingsford. This remains an alternative if the beach project does not go ahead.

“Evidence shows that successful regeneration projects need a centerpiece,” said Dave Cormack, Chairman of Aberdeen. “This is one of the reasons Aberdeen City Council asked us to stay in the city with a stadium that would be a catalyst for the wider revitalization of the beach and its connectivity to the city centre.

“A new, net-zero sea-facing stadium would generate the footfall needed to enable regeneration of the waterfront, including a potential city park, refurbishment of the beach ballroom and creation of leisure facilities. quality so that the area becomes a real destination Underlining Aberdeen’s ambition as a forward-thinking city, the proposed stadium and community leisure facilities would send a positive signal of openness to business and investment while at the same time internally enhancing civic pride and supporting the health and well-being of citizens.

“And with the economic report pointing out that a new stadium would bring at least £1billion of economic improvement to the city over the next few decades, it clearly demonstrates the club’s ability to be a significant benefit to Aberdeen, not least by being a great community partner.”

According to some, losing Aberdeen to the outskirts would be a blow to Granite City. It is hoped that the new stadium will attract major international professional sporting events and increase local sports programs.

Fergus Mutch, Policy Adviser for the Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce, said: “The report shows how the proposed development will create new jobs and generate additional income in the economy through new building activity, increasing the attendance, retaining and increasing local spending in the city. , promoting the growth of existing businesses and the creation of new ones and attracting new visitors.

Aberdeen hopes to stay in the city with a new stadium. (Photo by Craig Foy/SNS Group)

“Aberdeen cannot afford to lose the City Club. Retaining Aberdeen FC in our city center is becoming increasingly critical as uncertainty grows around the future of two of our shopping centers and Union Street declines further. Public finances are squeezed like never before, but we need to invest in capital projects like this that will improve our city and ensure our future prosperity.


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