Our gift for you: the Macaroni KID magazine of the month Club


If you can’t get enough of the latest celebrity news, photos and entertainment, we’ve got the Magazine Club Deal of the Month for you in April!

You can receive a full year digital subscription to We Weekly magazine at no cost to you. There really are no strings attached to this offer – you won’t even be asked for your credit card information! Because we all hate it.

Each month we give you a subscription to a different magazine as a gift from us to thank you for being a Macaroni KID reader.

Simply click here to sign up for Macaroni KID and claim your magazine subscription!

EXISTING MACARONI KID SUBSCRIBERS: Be sure to stay subscribed to your local Macaroni KID City! Your free membership invitation will be emailed to you soon!

You can subscribe to as many of our magazines of the month as you wish. There is no limit !

Thanks again for your support of Macaroni KID. We hope this gift shows how much we appreciate YOU!

Note: By signing up to receive your magazine giveaway, you are also agreeing to subscribe for FREE to Macaroni KID if you haven’t already. Subscribers receive a free local weekly newsletter via email with family events and things to do in the area. You will also receive a monthly email from Macaroni KID with the new Magazine Offer of the Month and other special offers! You can unsubscribe at any time. This program is not available in Minnesota or Canada.


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