Out & About: Westmoreland Croquet Club Tournament helps area nonprofits


Some say it’s a fashion faux pas to wear white after Labor Day; others say the old rule no longer applies.

The subject was the subject of a good-natured debate between Jim and Joe Rossi of the canton of Ligonier during the Westmoreland Croquet Club Tournament. The Rossis were among the tent sponsors for the annual event, held at Westmoreland County Community College on Sunday.

“It’s so wrong, but I was told to do it,” said Jim Rossi.

“It’s the only time you can get away with it,” replied Jo Rossi.

Rightly or wrongly, the playing field was a sea of ​​white as teams did their best to raise funds for area non-profits, to be distributed by Old Joe Club Charities Inc., presenter of the tournament.

Traditionally held in June, the tournament was pushed back after the Old Joes had to move another annual fundraiser, Men’s Night Out, from February to April. Having two major events so close to each other was not possible, says croquet organizer Amy DiCesereco-founder’s assistant Ernie Vallozzi.

At the end of the day, these adult division contestants emerged victorious: Duke Versaw and Mike Tymoczko, first place; mike johnson and Ryan Thompson, second; and Akash Arun and Andrew Breyconsolation prize.

The winners of the youth division for 11-15 year olds were Rocco Bates and Aiden Kerr, first; and Grayson Kase and Sofia Popivchak, second. The winners of the children’s division, aged 6 to 10, were Brooks Robertson and Jack Pauly, first; and James Katzeff and Collin Detweilersecond.

Shirley McMarlin | Tribune-Review

From left: Westmoreland Croquet Club tournament committee member Jason Ross with his wife, Jennifer, event co-founder Ernie Vallozzi and event organizer Amy DiCesere at the annual tournament, which was held September 18 at Westmoreland County Community College.

The pitch was surrounded by 26 tents, hosted by businesses and nonprofits, some new this year and other longtime supporters. The competition was not just on the field, as the judges Kelli Brisbane, Kathy Sobota and Karen Big rated decor and amenities of the tent.

The judges’ picks were Soldier Boy Beef Jerky, first place; Reese-A-Rosa by Michael and Jana Reese, second place; and Quatrini Law Group, third place.

The Old Joe Club supports organizations in Western Pennsylvania by providing life enhancement services in the areas of social services; art, music and education; protection; scholarships; and child protection and life enrichment programs.

This year’s winners are Folds of Honor, Westmoreland Cleanways and Recycling, The Education Partnership, The Learning Lamp and Waypoint Youth and Community Center.


Shirley McMarlin | Tribune-Review

Greensburg Salem High School students Isaiah Payne (left), Patrick Galvin, Aina Litran and Rachel Leo served as court judges at the Westmoreland Croquet Club Tournament, Sept. 18 at Westmoreland County Community College.

Present at croquet: Mike and Dawn Rutigliano, Alex Rutigliano and Lauren Kinneberg, Jason and Jennifer Ross, Amanda Johnson, Fred and Melanie DePalma, Chris and Erin PrascusMatt and Jamie Tamasy, JR and Judy Ross, Mandy Zalich, Toni Antonucci, Eric and Natalie Lloyd, Josh and Kary Milan with his daughter Mila, Eric and Michèle Bononi, Christian and Angela Bononi, Bob Kocian and Bob Nolan.

Also, Michael and Megan Quatrini, Rich Lopretto and Phyllis Bertok, Terry Graft and Linda Brown, Tom and Christen Mizikar, Joe and Allana Kondisko, Mark and Lisa Spitzer, Luke Harster, Scott Stinson, Anthony Polvinale, Scott Powell, Joe Suto, Sheila Hill, Dave Tinker, Dennis and Lisa Razza.

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