Paso Robles School District requires parent signature for club access


The Paso Robles School District asks parents to sign off when students want to join campus clubs and organizations.

District officials say the policy has been in place since 2011 but has not been enforced so far.

Some Paso Robles High School students said they disagreed that parents should have authority over their club choices and decisions within the school.

“People should have their own right to do whatever they want, not by their parents,” said Xinena Malagon, a student at Paso Robles High School. “Some kids are forced to do things they don’t want to do or to do things and their parents won’t let them.”

“Some students may not have the best relationship with their parents, so they might want some independence or some privacy,” said Giselle Chavez and Ruby Aguilar, two students from Paso Robles High School.

While several students object to endorsements, others say it’s okay to ask.

“For some parents, students want privacy and other students might not,” Chavez said.

“I feel like it’s a good idea,” said Osney Cardenas, a student at Paso Robles High School. “That way parents would know when to plan things and when not to, but they would also know where their child is at all times.”

Many parents say they would like the policy to stay in place.

“I have to be involved in my son’s life,” said parent Jim Norman. “If he’s going to join a club, I want to know that I want to be part of that club. I want to help with that.

“We are responsible for them until they turn 18,” said Beau Bullard, a parent. “We have to sign papers so they can play sports, get out of school if they are late. Why shouldn’t we be aware of this? »

Parents say good communication with their children is key to helping them achieve their goals.

“We are their parents,” Norman said. “We have to be responsible for what our children do. In a club, whether it’s chess, the yearbook, I want to be part of it.

“They encourage parent involvement and I’m behind it 100 percent,” Bullard said. “This is my third child to go through the Paso Robles school system.”

“My parents would know where I was and I would know they could trust me and believe where I am,” Cardenas said.

School district officials told KSBY that the issue of navigating the future of this policy will be presented to the board.


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