Phyllis Jackson presents the program at the Rotary Club of Trenton meeting


Phyllis Jackson presented a program at the Rotary Club of Trenton meeting on October 6e of his efforts to restore a structure believed to be the first house built in Trenton. The project involves a property owned by Sarah Brown.

Sarah and the late Tom Brown bought the property in the 1950s, and it is next to the family home. Jackson said the Browns were told the structure covered a cabin, but they never really pursued their efforts to substantiate those claims.

Jackson reported that the two original abstracts from the first purchase of the land are being sought by a local abstracting firm to confirm the date the cabin was built.

She contacted state officials, who worked with her to begin trying to save the cabin. The cabin was discovered when a party of Amish were hired to remove the exterior structure that was around the cabin.

Much of the original cabin was found in place, including ceiling joists that contained writing. The writings include a date indicating 1836 or 1856 and the names of the individuals, and they have been wrapped to prevent them from fading. Jackson said the date and names could give more details about the exact date the cabin was built.

She works with the State Preservation Society to ensure the building is weatherized. Structural consolidation work is due to begin next week. A metal structure is to be built around the cabin to protect it from the weather.

Jackson said the project has generated a lot of interest. This resulted in the filing of company papers and the start of the process to become a 501(c)(3), so that donations could be collected to help pay for the costs of preservation work.

A board should be formed. Jackson asks people interested in the project to contact her about becoming a board member.

There is a Facebook page where you can follow the progress of the project. The Facebook group is called “Tom and Sarah Joe Brown historical cabin, Trenton, MO”.

At the Trenton Rotary Club business meeting, club-related Missouri Day activities were announced. They include putting up flags on October 14e at 5:30 a.m. and dismantle them on October 16e 15 hours. The parade committee will meet on October 12e at 4 p.m. to organize the programming of the parade.

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