Poster Contest Winners Announced by Garden Club | Local News


Members of the Franklin County Garden Club recently presented prizes to the winners of the Smokey Bear and Woodsy Owl poster contests.

The contest has been held annually since 1961 and is part of a partnership between the National Garden Clubs, Inc. and the US Forest Service to help raise awareness and understanding of our natural environment and the need to protect and sustain it.

The posters were to depict Smokey Bear and his slogan “Only You Can Prevent Wildfires!” or Woodsy Owl and the theme “Lend a Hand – Care for the Land”.

The contest is open to any group of students in grades one through five as well as scout troops, after-school programs and more.

Fourteen Clark Memorial students submitted posters with the first, second and third place winners chosen in fourth and fifth grades.

Winners received gift bags containing US Forest Service items including coloring books, bracelets, rulers and crayons. In addition, all participants received certificates of appreciation.

Amirykal Johnson, first in the county and second in the state, ranks at the fourth-grade level; Ryuta Asakubo, county runner-up; and Kassia Alvarez, third in the county.

Luke Hyden, first in the county and third in the state, placed at the fifth-grade level; Kenzie McGill, second in county; and Odeviyon Poe, third in the county.

The winning posters are displayed at the Franklin County Library, except for the first-place posters, which were forwarded to compete at the national and regional levels. The members of the gardening club thank all the students as well as their teachers and school administrators for their encouragement during the competition.

“Although we didn’t have any first-place winners at the state or area levels this year, Luke Hyden placed third at the state for fifth-graders and Amirykal Johnson won. is ranked second in the state for fourth graders. We hope to expand participation next year to include more student groups,” said Lola Eslick, President of the Garden Club.

The Franklin County Garden Club will host another contest in the fall of 2022, encouraging students to submit their artwork and compete for the national grand prize, which will be a free trip to Washington DC with round-trip airfare and accommodations for four, attendance at a recognition ceremony and a check for $50.


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