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By Asia McGill

Anthony Rossidivito, a criminal justice scholar, came to Rider as a transfer student in the fall of 2021 and, in the spring semester, became the president of Rider Club Rock Climbing.

“When I came to Rider, the first person I met at SRC [Student Recreation Center] was the president of the climbing club,” Rossidivito said.

By fate, Rossidivito was not a climbing rookie, beginning some of his first climbs as a teenager.

Since its inauguration, Rossidivito has been able to train members who are new to the sport, teaching them techniques such as shifting their weight correctly or keeping their body close to the wall.

Climbers of all levels of experience are welcome, ranging from novice climbers to those with up to six years of experience.

“I wouldn’t exactly call myself an expert…but I am able to help those who are new to this field. It’s always good to have those who’ve been climbing for four years, maybe six years,” Rossidivito said.

Climbing is a sport that is not limited to reaching the top of a rock or a wall. it is strategic, and requires physical and mental synergy.

“It’s not just about picking yourself up…it’s about using your whole body and mind,” Rossidivito said.

Junior Computer Major Ryan Carter is the club secretary and has a connection to rock climbing that dates back to his childhood.

“As a child, I found it interesting…[and] I love puzzles…so rock climbing was a good way to get the best of both worlds,” Carter said.

Carter mentioned not only his enjoyment of climbing, but also his ability to climb affordably.

“It’s a great value to be around people who can also help you…it’s a win-win-win,” Carter said.

Major in junior computer science and secretary of the rocking climbing club, Ryan Carter (left), observes a fellow climber with risk manager, Rob Weidlich, a second-year marketing student. Photo courtesy of Anthony Rossdivito.

The club meets for training Tuesday and Friday evenings from 7-9 p.m. at the Rockville Climbing Center Inc., just 10 minutes from campus.

There, climbers can test their skills with walls graded by difficulty. A variety of different walls allows both beginners and experts to gain experience.

“We get them up the walls, they practice…we make sure they at least get used to it, especially going backwards,” Rossidivito said.

During the spring semester, the club transitions to outdoor climbing where their techniques are most challenged.

“It gives you the opportunity to get out there and see what a real rock looks like and how you can climb one,” he said.

Although Rider Club climbing is recreational, members are encouraged to participate in climbing competitions. If a member is interested in competing, the coaches train them more intensively, preparing them for new challenges they may face.

Each spring, the club opens its gym to all Rider students where they share pizza slices, learn about the organization, and of course, climb.

The Rider Club Rock Climbing can be contacted on their Instagram account @riderbroncclimbers or via their profile on Bronc Nation.


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