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When you shop at a wholesale club, you get the benefits of membership, including exclusive offers and the ability to buy in bulk. Much like Costco warehouses, Sam’s Club lets you enjoy savings when you have a membership, which only costs around $45 per year. Many of us appreciate the reliability of these retailers, but changes in products, policies and prices are inevitable. Now Sam’s Club has announced a major change you might notice on your next shopping spree. Read on to find out what the warehouse store is up to now.

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A standout aspect of wholesale clubs is access to their unique brands, including the Sam’s Club member brand and Costco’s Kirkland Signature brand. According to Kiplinger, although Costco’s products are branded Signature Kirklandthey’re actually made by big companies – so if you see a Kirkland logo on the batteries, they may actually be made by Duracell through their partnership.

Originally advertised as a way for members to save money, these “house brands(also known as generics) allow you to get quality products without the price associated with branded products, notes TheStreet. Although not a wholesale club, Target is another big name that has capitalized on its house brands, having recently launched an initiative to make these products “distinctive and premium”, according to TheStreet. Now, Sam’s Club is following suit and taking steps to improve different aspects of its Member’s Mark range.

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According to a Sam’s Club press release, the Member Mark gets a makeover. The line will now be “Made with Our Member and Planet in Mind,” the company said of the new brand identity. Using “trendy innovation,” Member’s Mark items will retain their quality, but now consider both people and planet, according to the press release. Simply put, the company is increasingly striving to have a positive impact and become more sustainable, much like its parent company Walmart. This is otherwise known as a “regenerative mark”.

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Shoppers should be aware that Member’s Mark products will look different as a result of this new initiative. Labels will now have a new logo and a “subtle tick” that you can expect to see on packaging for the next 18 months. The company also plans to remove certain ingredients from the member’s branded food and consumable products, including high fructose corn syrup and aspartame, which are listed on the member’s brand. Made without list.

“Member Sam’s Club is at the center of everything we do, as we continue to evolve the Member’s Mark brand, we intend to develop items that reflect the ingredients, processes and materials they want. – and do not want – in their products”, Prathibha Rajashekhar, senior vice president of private labels and sourcing at Sam’s Club, said in the press release. “Now, as we introduce new Member’s Mark items and revamp existing ones, we are making decisions that not only focus on quality, innovation and value, but also on the impact we have on the world around us.”

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Since 2020, Sam’s Club has said it has introduced and renovated more than 1,200 items, and the Certified Fair Trade Member’s Colombian Supremo Mark Coffee is a product that has been re-evaluated to include sustainable qualities. The company also has a comprehensive list of brand aspirationswhich they plan to implement by 2025. These include using better textiles and practices, eliminating antibiotics from poultry and focusing on sustainably sourced seafood, among other goals.

Working with the Walmart Sustainability team, Sam’s Club also plans to make better use of the My Member’s Mark community, which includes 40,000 Sam’s Club members who provide feedback on different products at different stages.

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