SBCs to complete and avoid to maximize your club’s effectiveness


The highly anticipated Team of the Season (TOTS) promotion is set to kick off soon in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

Before that happens, however, the TOTS Warmup Series has arrived, giving us some time to prepare for the next promo.

The Warmup series has brought us many SBCs, but this begs the question – which SBCs should you actually complete?

We take a look at the SBCs you should avoid or complete in order to maximize your club’s effectiveness ahead of TOTS.

SBC to complete

So far, EA has dropped a few shiny SBCs during the Warmup series, many of which seem to come in at a shiny price.

The Daily Login Challenges are great value, only requiring eight Silver Commons and three Gold Commons, rewarding you with an 81+-rated Rare Two-Pack each time you complete it.

Similarly, league-specific challenges (e.g. the Serie A League Challenge) are very cheap and give you a specific league premium player pack.

EA has also released an 81+ x11 upgrade for each major league. This one is a bit more expensive but well worth completing for each league.

You should save these league-specific packs until the particular TOTS team is released, giving you a better chance of packing a TOTS card.

Finally, we recommend that you complete all “EFIGS updates” released by EA over the next few days (e.g. the Upgrade 83+ x5 EFIGS).

EFIGS packs contain players from Premier League, Ligue 1, Serie A, Bundesliga and LaLiga.

SBCs to avoid

At this time, you do not have to complete ANY Icon Squad building challenges.

First of all, Icon SBCs usually require you to submit 10-20 different teams, including several in the 80s.

This means that unless you have the most stacked club in the game, you will submit almost all of your fodder in a single Icon SBC.

It’s the same fodder that will be key when promoting Team of the Season, with EA set to release guaranteed TOTS upgrades for the various leagues.

Second, all current Icon SBCs expire long after the TOTS promotion ends, so you can choose to come back and complete one if you wish.

The only Icon SBC that expires before the TOTS promotion starts is the Prime Icon Player Pick, but we recommend avoiding this one as well.

And finally, the Icon Swaps 3 campaign is now underway, which means you can unlock some of the best icons in the game for FREE and without using your untradeable cards.

Take a look at the best Icon Swaps 3 rewards here!

TOTS Schedule

We already have plenty of key dates for the season’s team schedule, so check them out below:

  • Community TOTS Vote – Sunday April 17 – Wednesday April 20
  • Premier League TOTS Voting – Friday April 22 – Monday April 25
  • Voting TOTS Bundesliga – Wednesday April 27 – Sunday May 1
  • Week #1 – TOTS Community – friday april 29
  • Voting LaLiga TOTS – Tuesday May 3 – Friday May 6
  • Week #2 – Premier League TOTS – Friday, May 6
  • Week #3 – Bundesliga TOTS – Friday May 13
  • Week #4 – LaLiga TOTS – Friday May 20
  • Week #5 – Ligue 1 TOTS – Friday May 27
  • Week #6 – Series A TOTS – Friday, June 3
  • Week #7 – Ultimate TOTS – friday june 10

The Ultimate TOTS will end the TOTS campaign with the best cards included in the various leagues.


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