Siemens extends car club access to all UK staff


Siemens has extended access to Enterprise Car Club to all 15,000 employees across all UK divisions.

The extension of the company’s partnership with Enterprise will give all UK-based staff the ability to rent vehicles on demand using the rental company’s app technology.

This includes access to over 1,400 street cars across the country, as well as existing dedicated car club vehicles located on-site at Siemens offices in Lincoln, Hull, Aberdeen, Congleton and Manchester, which has already reduced the cars from the pool of Siemens. a third.

The expanded program allows Siemens employees who work remotely or “hybrid” to “rent locally” vehicles when needed, as well as choose a longer-term traditional car rental if needed.

Wayne Warburton, Head of Mobility Services at Siemens UK, said: The ability to expand car club access across the organization alongside the dedicated vehicle program makes sense due to Enterprise’s highly regionalized network.

“Enterprise’s network of car clubs and branches are located in many small communities and even rural areas across the UK, not just in town centres.”

Siemens staff can create accounts on a bespoke auto club registration page, then use their corporate credit card to reserve vehicles on the Enterprise app. Each trip is then tracked through the company’s travel management system to ensure it complies with policy. Vehicles are opened using a smartphone or the Siemens ID card.

Adrian Bewley, Assistant Vice President of Business Mobility for Europe at Enterprise, added: “The tight integration between our branch and the motor club business has enabled us to advise businesses when a club vehicle automobile is the best option for a particular employee and trip.

“This provides a huge opportunity to reduce delivery and collection costs for the customer and make business travel more convenient for workers.”


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