Sign outside Las Vegas club: ‘Now auditioning Ukrainian strippers’


LAS VEGAS (KVVU/Gray News) – A sign outside a Las Vegas strip club is turning heads, but the club’s manager stands behind it.

For at least two weeks, hundreds of thousands of drivers drove past the Little Darling sign that read, “Now audition Ukrainian strippers” with the Ukrainian flag in the background. In smaller letters, the sign reads: “We stand with Ukraine”.

One of Little Darling’s managers, Pete Dottore, said the club hadn’t received much resistance from the sign – if anything, he said, the sign has attracted the attention of three Ukrainian dancers. He even hired one.

“We’re on their side, it’s nothing to derogate from them, so we think if we can help in any way, maybe the best way to do it is to help someone work. “Dottore said.

Las Vegas business owner Mary Grace Yniguez said she understood what Little Darlings was doing but disagreed with the execution.

“As a woman of color, as an Asian person, and as a woman – I think it strikes me, well, why aren’t there other alternatives?” said Yniguez. “Why couldn’t we offer a leadership position within Little Darlings, why couldn’t we offer him a leadership position?”

Yniguez owns Social registry network, a business development service that aims to empower men and women in business. At the same time, Yniguez and her best friend started Powertribe Women, a group that meets once a month and creates a support space.

“There are so many other alternatives to making money, to paying for a living and (dancing) is not the only alternative. And I think it’s important to instill confidence and give people women the means to do more than that,” Yniguez said.

As for the sign, Dottore said he didn’t know how long it would stay on. He doesn’t think it exploits Ukrainian refugees.

“It’s work – we don’t exploit women. On the contrary, we exploit men,” Dottore said.

This is not the first time Little Darlings have displayed a controversial sign outside the club. In 2015, the strip club turned heads for displaying a sign that read, “Now audition for the class of 2015.”

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