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Ben Davies says everything is now in place at Tottenham for the team to compete against Europe’s top clubs and achieve something special.

Davies is one of the longest-serving players in the Tottenham squad, having joined the club from Swansea City over eight years ago.

The Welshman has had several ups and downs during this period but there is no doubt that the club has only moved in one direction, both on and off the pitch, during this time.

Davies admitted the team is now hungry to take the next step and achieve great things.

He said The daily mirror“We have definitely grown a lot as a club since my arrival. Everything we do now – the expectations we have, the clubs we compete with, on the international stage – is definitely bigger than when I arrived.

“And the opportunity that we have with the players that we have signed, with the manager that we have, to do something special is there now. When you see the caliber of players that the club attracts, you realize that it is a top club in Europe.

“It says a lot about where we are and what the club sets out to achieve. There’s a passion for winning. There’s a passion for making sure you come out on top, if it’s at training, if it’s in a game, making sure we do everything outside the training ground. We’ve shown we can be competitive. It’s about taking the next step.

The 29-year-old admitted that while the players want to win silverware, they are focused on taking each game as it comes and becoming the best team possible.

Ben Davis
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He said: “Winning trophies and fighting for the title is the hardest step to achieve, but not necessarily as a goal. Aspiring to be the best team is what we have to aim for and that determination is done really feel everywhere.

“But time will tell when we face these teams where we are. We showed last year that we can compete with them, but it’s about being consistent and making sure we really put on a whole season.

Davies suggested Spurs should be encouraged that they have managed to perform well this season without being at their best.

He added: “I don’t think we played our best football consistently for 90 minutes, but people say it’s a good sign when a team wins and you don’t always play well.”

Boosts web opinion

Spurs fans would do well to listen to Davies’ update on our progress as a club. I get why some fans see our lack of recent silverware as a big black mark on current ownership.

However, there is no doubt that we have become increasingly competitive, both on and off the pitch, under ENIC and Daniel Levy.

The fact that we have established ourselves in the top six clubs and are now able to attract Mourinho and Conte is in itself a huge indication of how far we have come, compared to where we were when ENIC bought the club.

We have also been able to close the gap financially with the old ‘big 4’, which was important ten years ago, and the new stadium has essentially prepared us to compete with the biggest clubs in Europe in the long term.

This is why I simply cannot accept the idea that two Carabao Cups would have been better than all the progress we have made, on and off the pitch, over the last ten years.

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