STSD Parents Bring Concerns About Gender and Sexuality Club to Board of Directors | Local


BLOSSBURG — Mansfield residents Vanessa Caswell and Roberta Hamlin raised their concerns at the Southern Tioga board meeting on July 11.

The women identified as concerned Christians through a club at North Penn-Mansfield High School called the NPMHS Gender and Sexuality Alliance. Caswell said he discovered the group after viewing a Facebook photo from the PRIDE event in Wellsboro last month.

“I’m just here as a spokesperson for a group of folks from the Southern Tioga School District and I have some concerns. While browsing through Facebook, I noticed something, a table behind a picture of kids, and the table had a sign on it. I was surprised there was a North Penn-Mansfield Gender and Sexuality Alliance bake sale,” she said.

Caswell went on to tell the board that she was “uncomfortable with my tax money being spent on a gender and sexuality organization in our district. I don’t think that’s fair and I think that needs to change,” she added.

She also pointed to the Drag Queen story hour that also performed at the event at the Deane Center in Wellsboro, but before she could elaborate on her statement, her three-minute civic recognition ended.

Hamlin shared similar concerns.

“I have five grand pianos and as she said it bothers us all. Our school systems have enough problems. It will create more problems. school. As a Christian, I really have a problem with them. I understand live and let live, and adults can make their own choices, but they’re little kids and they can’t choose (which is what they’re exposed) and it has to stop. You see this stuff in cities and you think it’s not going to happen in our small town,” she said.


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