The club watches the clash of Celtic players! The media frenzy around O’Riley is embarrassing.


The media’s desire to move on to Matt O’Riley will eventually reach the surreal point where he’s been linked to every club in the Premiership and they’re forced back to the start.

Crystal Palace now. They watched it against Leipzig. Allegedly.

There were, in my opinion, 21 other players on the pitch, not counting the substitutes. It’s amazing to me that the press who don’t know what’s going on when it’s right in front of their faces somehow have all this access to the scouting notes and can identify which players were on the radar of clubs and individuals especially.

I miss all of this. I’ve been bored of all this for a while. O’Riley, who just wants to continue his football, is bored. Of course everyone at Celtic is bored. The club has things to do and titles to win. We don’t need distraction.

That’s why it’s so fun for hacks, I guess.

None of these parties have ever made an offer or stated their intention to do so. None of them even asked Celtic the legendary ‘would you consider a sale?’ question. These are usually the ways these things are done.

Other than that, our scouts are everywhere, all the time. The same goes for scouts from other clubs. Their job is literally to monitor players and make recommendations. If you believe the media, there’s nothing to worry about anyway because the team was so dismal midweek that no one deserves a passing grade. So if they’re right, the reports won’t be great anyway.

These stories will just continue. We know that. They will continue as long as the player is in Parkhead. The only consolation is that they’re basically promoting the bidding war before there’s one, and when it comes to this guy, I can say with absolute certainty that there will be because he is one of the best players in the club and therefore in Scotland.

And he is English, although his mother’s family is Norwegian and Danish. He was born in England and has already played his entire career there, which means he is attractive in terms of local grower status.

On top of that rot is a report – God knows from where – about Jota and how Southampton are ‘plotting’ a move. Tracing? What does this imply? Make an offer ? Where is the plot?

You want a player, you ask the club that holds his contract if he is ready to sell him.

There’s no need for subterfuge there.

Even the language used by these people is completely false.


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