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Kyle Martin, second vice president of the Louisiana Garden Club Federation Inc., addressed the Gardenettes at their January meeting held at Joe’s Italian Restaurant on January 12.

The state group has 75 member clubs with 2,085 members.

Along with the obvious benefits of meeting people from across the state with the same passion for gardening, Martin talked about the educational opportunities to learn flower arranging, gardening, landscaping and environmental skills. The group offers great tours in Holland, Germany and at the Biltmore House in Asheville, North Carolina.

“There are many opportunities to give back to the community through our civic plantings, arbor day ceremonies, scholarship programs and cleanest city contests,” she said. “Clubs are members of Deep South Garden Clubs Inc. and National Garden Clubs Inc.”

Treasurer Ellen Pusey presented Martin with a gift from the club. The reunion hostesses were Sandy Cusick, Jamie LeBlanc, Susan Pizani and Cynthia Cummer. Joan Morse, honorary member, gave the opening prayer. The club voted to donate money to three charities nominated by the members present.

Arbor Day President Pizani announced that the club will be planting a live oak tree at the City Hall Annex on Friday, January 21 at 11:30 a.m. Those in attendance will gather for lunch after the ceremony with the mayor. Dottie Boudreaux, president of Bosom Buddy Bag, said a work day will be set in February to restock the club’s supply of hospital drainage bags for cancer patients.

Garden of the Month Chair Marilyn Wright invited members to help her and her committee present the January award to Vera Dunbar. Rose Ann Husser and Margaret Bailey provided horticultural specimens. Bailey also brought a winter floral arrangement for the display. Betty Jordan brought old rose cuttings to share.

Vicky Fannaly said the Publicity Pressbook was sent to the state awards committee for adjudication. She asked the members to save the clippings for next year’s submission. She also noted that it was Gardenette’s 80th birthday.

The club welcomed Mary Hirsch as a new member. Hirsch was the Garden of the Month winner in December. Members present but not previously mentioned include Cricket Ayala, Carol McGough, Kathy Bruce, Margaret Hardin, Karen Moran and Sherry Klein.

Gardeners will head to Amite for their annual joint meeting of Tangipahoa Garden Clubs, sponsored this year by the Stem and Stamen Garden Club.


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