The Pilot Club celebrates its 101 years


The Great Bend Pilot Club came together on October 18 to celebrate the Pilot Club’s 101 years of community service. Pilot International’s mission is to influence positive change in communities around the world. To do this, the club comes together in their local communities in friendship and service, focusing on promoting brain safety and health and supporting those who care for others.

It all started on October 16, 1921, when the 40 founding members of Pilot International came together to sign Pilot’s original charter. Two days later, buoyed by their enthusiasm and collective cause, they reconvened to dine, celebrate and lead the first official Pilot Club meeting on October 18, 1921 in Macon Ga. From that day forward, the pilots of the around the world come together to meet, celebrate and honor October 18 as Founders Day.

Great Bend Pilots met with Mayor Cody Schmidt to proclaim October 17-23 International Pilot Founders Week. Pilot International has been true to its mission of serving communities around the world for 101 years and the Pilot Club of Great Bend has served Great Bend and Barton County for over 34 years.

Four new members have been initiated and the club welcomes anyone interested in joining the service organization.

The next orientation for new members will take place on November 29 at the after-hours club meeting. Contact Joyce Beadles-Fry or Nancy Schuetz to learn more.


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