The Teddy Boys of Grimsby who started a motorcycle club in the 60s


Sleek-haired Grimsby Motorcycle Club campaigned for safer road regulations for future generations

These fantastic images show members of the Grimsby and District Two-Wheel Club at the dedication of their home in October 1964.

In the two months leading up to the big moment, the Grimsby and District Two-Wheel Club, which once stood in Cleethorpe Road, was limited to staff from Dixon, the paper company. Later, they opened it up to anyone interested in motorcycles, and their membership grew from 30 to over 100.

They scrubbed, cleaned, plastered and painted to turn part of a building on Cleethorpe Road into their club room complete with cafe, jukebox and pin tables. They only had one room and a canteen but planned to convert another into a billiards and snooker room.

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Bob Whiteman was the manager of a cafe on Cleethorpes Road and gave his home to the Grimsby and District Two-Wheel Club.

The club itself was formed two years earlier by 21-year-old Jeff Hinch of Earl Street in Grimsby. He told the Grimsby Telegraph his aim was to “raise the standards of motorcycling, particularly amongst the younger generation, and drive home the need for more safety on the roads”.

He added: “Anyone interested in motorcycling can register with or without a machine.” The group had meetings every night of the week, including Saturday and Sunday afternoons for all members who had paid their membership.

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