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Leonard Ncube at Victoria Falls

The TOASTMASTERS club, a network of professionals from all walks of life, has scheduled a business leaders summit in Victoria Falls today to help create synergies within the tourism industry and revitalize the sector after the lockdown Covid-19.

Toastmasters Club is a global non-profit organization that teaches public speaking and leadership skills through a global network of branches and represents many people who are struggling to become professionals and want to improve their speaking skills. communication and leadership.

It has members in 149 countries targeting men and women from all walks of life to become skilled speakers and leaders.

The organization has 28 branches locally, mostly in Harare and Bulawayo, while the Victoria Falls Club branch was established in May this year and has 30 members.

The Southern Africa Toastmasters Club represents 12 countries and its Managing Director, Mr. Andrew Tsuro, recently landed in Victoria Falls.

In an interview, Mr. Tsuro said the business leaders’ summit at a local hotel will conclude with a dinner scheduled for Saturday to celebrate the launch of the Victoria Falls Toastmasters Club.

This is a precursor to the annual Southern African Toastmasters conference to be held in Victoria Falls next year.

“So we have two important events, today we welcome businesses from all over Victoria Falls to make sure they can be part of the developer community,” Mr. Tsuro said.

“This business leaders summit allows business leaders to interact with community stakeholders and aims to create synergies and support tourism growth in preparation for the annual Southern African Toastmasters conference which will be held in Victoria Falls next year.”

Mr. Tsuro said the events are important in turning community leaders and businesses into professionals and heroes or heroines.

The creation and realization of the Victoria Falls Toastmasters Club inspired Mr. Tsuro to visit the resort and host the summit next year.

He is joined by Southern Africa Toastmasters Executive Director of Learning and Development, Ms. Angie Kivido.

Mr Tsuro, who is based in South Africa, said the club seeks to build the city, the community and the environment by encouraging sustainable initiatives.

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