TOHO CLUB purchased BAYC #5513 to create a benchmark NFT


New York, NY, July 29 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In May 2022, TOHO CLUB, an NFT issuance platform in China, announced the purchase of BAYC#5513, which will be modified by the platform.

BATC (Bored Ape TOHO Club) images are created from Bored Ape’s “bored” nature and portrait. More Chinese elements that match the aesthetic tastes of Chinese people have been included in BATC’s design. The 9,999 BATC images are randomly generated programmatically from a pool of 11 body parts and over 400 components. Thus, each BATC is a unique digital copyright product of the Chinese version of Board Ape. It is strongly believed that BATC, integrating hundreds of elements, will compose a new chapter of Chinese NFR copyright law.

TOHO CLUB adapted a song and MV for BATC, which are widely released in China. Dozens of celebrities and companies have announced their intention to buy BATC and explore the business value of BATC.

Buyers will be drawn at random from those who have made an appointment to purchase the limited edition of 9,999 copies of BATC. The estimated total number of potential buyers will exceed 200,000. Different from NFR, which is common in China, BATC will be released as copyrighted products. Buyers can modify their BATC or use it in physical production and commercial licensing. This is a significant attempt in the development of China’s NFT industry.

Together with the DAO of BATC, TOHO CLUB will continue to promote the value of the BATC brand while exploring the marketability of BATC in the future. More Chinese will know Board Ape and NFT. Let’s follow TOHO CLUB and embrace the metaverse of the future!

Company name: TOHO (BEIJING) Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

Contact person: Xianxian Long

Email: [email protected]


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