Two Point Campus Orb Club Guide


The Orb Club at Two-point campus works very differently from all the other clubs in the game. While other clubs focus on a benefit for your students – like helping them walk or learn faster – the Orb club only benefits you. Each time a student joins the Orb Club or levels up, you will earn money at the expense of their happiness.

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The Orb Club is essentially the Two Point Campus equivalent of a pyramid scheme, as you can hear propaganda on the radio about it, and students can be seen kneeling in front of certain club items as if they adored them. Even though the Orb Foundation claims it is a “non-profit organization”, the club is extremely lucrative, which is kind of the point of running a campus.


How to Unlock Orb Club

To unlock the Orb Club you will need to play the eighth level of the campaign, Superior engraving. You will not receive tuition or rent on this campus, so your income will be severely limited. The Orb Club is practically required for the Upper Etching level unless you want to risk taking out loans.

After playing the level for a few months in-game, the Orb Foundation will contact you and allow you to create an Orb Club. Once this happens, you will be able to purchase and place an Orb Club Stand and an Orb Statue – the rest of the club items can be unlocked with Kudosh. The club stand will allow students to become Orb members, granting you $250 each time someone signs up. Having an assistant on the booth will increase member sign-ups, as will pressing the “Priority to recruitment” option on the Orb Club Stand menu.

The advantages of the Orb club

As previously mentioned, the Orb Club is all about making more money. There’s the $250 that comes from a member’s registration, but you receive more money each time a member levels up.

Members level up using club items, which will then allow them to use better and more expensive equipment and level up. Each time a member levels up, you will receive $250 times their level. For example, when a member reaches level two you will receive $500, when they reach level three you will earn $750, and so on. The distribution of payments can be viewed in the table below:

Level Payment
Orbling 1 $250
Orbling 2 $500
Orbling 3 $750
Orbling 4 $1,000
Orbling 5 $1,250
Orbling 6 $1,500
Orbling 7 $1,750
Orbling 8 $2,000
Orbling 9 $2,250
Orbling 10 $2,500

This means a student can generate up to $13,750 during their stay at the Orb Club. Over the course of several years, hundreds of students can potentially sign up to become an Orbling, which means the Orb Club can generate a few hundred thousand dollars in cash.

Even though the Orb Club is good for your happiness – since it’s guaranteed to make you rich – its effects on students are less. Students who sign up to become club members will experience a decrease in happiness once they Orblings. Their happiness affects things like their school results and the likelihood of them dropping out.

You should offset the negative effects of the Orb Club with other activities around campus. Organize events in your student union and lecture hallsplace relational objects on campus and provide students with the facilities they need to improve their mood.

club items

The Orb Club Stand and Orb Statue are unlocked automatically, but you will need to unlock the other two items with Kudosh.

Orb Statue

The Orb Statue costs $1,000 to purchase, increases campus attractiveness, and takes up very little space. The statue will help club members move from level one to level three, generating over $1,000 for each member.

At this point, club members will be able to interact with other club items for even more experience and money. Place the Orb Statues next to the Club Stand so the newly named Orblings can start leveling up.

Monument of the Orb

The Orb Monument costs $5,000, increases attractiveness, and can only be placed outdoors. The monument helps club members level up from level four to level six, making it even more profitable than the Orb Statue.

You can unlock the monument with 25 Kudosh.

Fountain Orb

The Fountain Orb costs 50 Kudosh to unlock and $10,000 to purchase and place on your campus. It’s bigger than the previous two, which naturally means you can only place it outside, which is a good thing as it also increases the attractiveness of the campus.

The Fountain Orb will take club members from level seven to level ten, which makes it essential if you want to maximize your profits with the Orb Club. Students can be seen kneeling in front of the fountain, so you may need to ignore some ethical red flags.

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