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The Baruch College Undergraduate Student Government met for its sixth Spring Semester 2022 Senate meeting on March 22.

The board considered nine video submissions to fill a vacancy for representative senator after Thailia Aviles resigned.

In order of appearance, the contestants were junior Nicholas Bilotti, freshman Mohina Abdullaeva, junior Julissa Ortega, second Charlene Figueroa, second Nidhi Shah, senior Kelly Escamilla, second Katherine Dionicio, senior Hande Erkan and the junior Ronen Tarnow-Fine.

Escamilla, a business communications major, was elected by a 15-0-0 vote after an executive session.

In her video submission, Escamilla shared that she ran for office after feeling fulfilled volunteering at USG events.

“Every time I’m part of an event, I honestly feel so happy after that and I’d like to continue to have that feeling where I feel so happy and fulfilled, because I know I’ve helped the students of Baruch,” she said. noted.

One initiative Escamilla wants to undertake is to provide students with portraits for their LinkedIn and professional accounts. She recalled past events that offered the opportunity.

“I think now after COVID families, it may have taken a hit on them and some students may not have those resources,” she said.

She would also provide work clothes clippings for photos.

Finance Chairman Tyler Yang described an email sent to school clubs requesting their 2022-23 budgets.

In the email, Yang told clubs that in-person events can take place from fall 2022 and refreshment costs can once again be included in their budgets. He advised clubs to be flexible with their spending in case COVID-19 resurfaces and causes student life to return to virtual.

Student Life also recommended clubs consider a hybrid model for events, noting that online events can have greater reach for students.

There are incentive deadlines for clubs to submit their budgets by the April 15 deadline. A $250 incentive will be offered to clubs that submit their budget by March 27, a $150 incentive by April 1, and a $50 incentive by April 8. If a budget is submitted late, the club will be required to submit a late budget proposal in the fall of 2022.

Assistant Director of Leadership Development Dinetta Curtis will check whether a club can exceed the maximum budget allocation, $10,000, if they receive an incentive.

Philanthropy Chairman Jason Galak announced that the winner of the “Cute Pet Photo Contest” will be announced at the April 26 Senate meeting.

Vice President of Academic Affairs Osvaldo Garcia, Vice President of Campus Affairs Erika Cumbe and Vice President of Student Affairs Laiba Hussain were not present.


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