Watch: Deebo Samuel mocks ‘Deebo Is Staying’ Sign in LA Club


Neither the 49ers nor Samuel have yet to officially respond to the wide receiver’s trade request, although a series of likes on Samuels’ account on social media appear to indicate his desire to play elsewhere next season. Two of Deebo Samuel’s two most liked tweets are Jeff Darlington and by Ian Rapoport reports that Samuel requested a trade.

However, late last night Deebo Samuel may have put the nail in the coffin. While dancing at an LA Club, a camera caught on a sigh. The sign held up reading “Deebo stays 49ers”. The camera then cut to Deebo Samuel himself, and he has this reaction:

What does this mean moving forward? Still nothing official, but where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire. This adds to the long list of examples that would lead you to believe that Deebo wants to make itself in San Francisco.

The San Francisco 49ers still have all the cards in hand. They have Deebo under contract for at least one more year. They can wait until the time is right to exchange it or pay for it. However, things may change if Deebo is set to sit out the 2022 NFL season.

Can Green Bay move?

According to ESPN, Green Bay is one of the top teams vying for Deebo Samuel. It will take a large supply and a long-term commitment, but it is not impossible.


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