What is the meaning of the ballerina doll in “The Midnight Club?”


There have been many curious occurrences in Netflix’s popular horror series The Midnight Club, and one of the stars was the ballerina doll, which was significant on many levels. The story followed a young woman named Ilonka whose college aspirations are set aside after contracting thyroid cancer and choosing to live at Brightcliffe Hospice, a place where terminally ill young people can find peace. She also wants to investigate the story of a girl from decades ago who disappeared from Brightcliffe and returned a week later completely healed.

Anya, played by Ruth Codd, is Ilonka’s roommate, and she’s a combative and complicated person with many walls to protect herself. She has bone cancer and it is likely that she lost her leg to it. Ilonka sees that Anya has a ballerina doll with a broken leg, but she’s not quick to say much. Anya gives the new girl the hardest time and it takes her a while to warm up. Anya, however, reveals important information about the doll in the chilling story she tells.

Anya’s Spooky Storytime

In The Midnight Club, season one, episode two, “The Two Danas”, Anya tells the story of a girl named Dana who apparently had a perfect life. She was a ballerina who was the perfect student, the perfect daughter, the perfect student and the perfect friend. She grew up in County Kildare, Ireland, and received a scholarship to the American Baba Academy. She then moved to Wasteville in America, where everyone worked or went to school. Dana’s friend Bill worried about her because perfection had a price, and the ballerina doll in her complete state is seen here.

Dana was secretly unhappy with her life and she asked God at night to free her from her desires. At the same time, she asked the universe for her wish to be granted. One night, the Devil comes to visit him in the form of a woman. The devil holds the ballerina doll and gives her the chance to live a double life, one who is the good girl and the other who can act recklessly. Once it’s done, it can’t be undone, but the devil says it’s a no-strings-attached deal and Anya accepts it.

Suddenly, there are two Danas (Dana Prime and Dana 2) and they set the terms of their agreement. One will live the perfect life as a ballerina, and the other will party and have fun. Since they share each other’s experiences, the deal seems like a win-win. It’s fun at first, Dana Prime is working on a mission as Dana 2 parts. She feels the pleasure she takes, but things go wrong when the latter goes too far. Dana Prime has a ballet audition which is ruined by the effects of Dana’s drug use, and the ballerina breaks her foot.

Dana 2’s drug use worsens and she begins to imagine the distorted faces of the people around her. She throws the ballerina doll out of fear, breaking the doll’s leg. She wasn’t listening to herself anymore, so Dana Prime cuts herself off, knowing it will hurt Dana 2. It eventually comes to a point where they decide to kill each other, and they blame each other for their problems. They argue over who was there first and they both shoot their guns. Dana wakes up in the hospital, not knowing which one she is, and she has lost her leg. The Devil says she hasn’t changed anything about her; she just gave him the vehicle.

Anya reveals the true story

Anya eventually warms up to Ilonka and shares that she received the ballerina figurine from her friend Rhett. He wanted her to stop her drug use and, in his anger, broke the figure’s leg. Later, she was diagnosed with a terminal illness, and since then she has been afraid of dying and regrets the way she treated the people she loved. Throughout the story, Anya has seen shadows and she fears death is coming for her. The tough Anya crumbles in front of Ilonka and wishes she could fix things and have a perfect life.

In episode seven, “Anya”, the eponymous character is trapped in a dream after undergoing a ritual to heal her. She doesn’t know what’s real and what’s not. She ends up dying in her bed and in the final episode, “Midnight”, Rhett comes to Brightcliffe and meets Ilonka. He notices that the ballerina statue has mysteriously been repaired.

Why was the ballerina doll repaired?

In an earlier scene, the children discussed whether they had ever experienced supernatural signs from deceased patients at Brightcliffe Hospice. They have various reactions; some believed it, some didn’t. Anya says that when she dies she will leave a very obvious sign, and she keeps that promise with the repaired ballerina doll as her sign. Ilonka felt guilty after the failed Paragon Ritual and prepared to leave the workhouse in defeat. This sign from her friend who had had such problems with her at first gave her some peace. Anya is no longer in pain and she is at peace now.

The ballerina doll represented Anya’s idea of ​​a perfect life. In her story, Dana seemingly has everything she could possibly want, but it shows that it still wasn’t enough. She wished for a life where she could act on impulse, which eventually destroyed her ballet career represented by the shattered figurine. Later, in episode seven, she dreams that she is a normal girl who works in a grocery store and wants to be a ballerina. In reality, Anya’s bone cancer diagnosis and then literal leg amputation was represented by the broken doll. The message is that no matter how you see it, no one is perfect and there is always a life you can’t have. The best way to be whole is to be happy with the life you have.


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