Where is Adam Johnson now – Released from jail, ‘begs club to sign him’ and plans to leave UK


Former England international Adam Johnson has been released from prison but has not returned to professional football since being sacked by Sunderland in 2016.

Adam Johnson was sentenced to prison in 2016

Three years after his release from prison, disgraced footballer Adam Johnson has not returned to professional play.

The former England international, now 34, was sacked by Sunderland in 2016 shortly after pleading guilty to sexual activity with a child and child grooming. He was convicted of another offense of sexual activity with a child and found not guilty of a second count of the same crime.

Johnson’s family reportedly tried to dissuade him from writing to clubs in a bid to resuscitate his football career, and on several occasions it was mentioned that the winger was moving abroad to find a new employer. However, the nature of his conviction means that such a path could be complicated.

When Johnson was sentenced to six years in prison in 2016, then PFA chief Gordon Taylor questioned whether the player would resume his professional football career. “I think that prospect is, to say the least, very remote, if at all,” he told BBC Radio 5live at the time (via FourFourTwo ).

“It’s not unexpected,” Taylor continued. “The judge had said it was a very serious matter and he would be out for a while.

“Six years is not unexpected. Our thoughts are very much with the victim in this case.”

Johnson was convicted in 2016



Johnson was released on license in 2019 after serving half his sentence. Prior to his release, however, reports emerged suggesting he planned to write to clubs in a bid to return to sport.

As previously reported by the Daily Mirror, Johnson’s sister Faye told a friend: “He was going to write an open letter to all the clubs explaining why he could be of use to them if they gave him another chance. I honestly thought he was joking when he told me but he was deadly serious.

The mail reported in 2019 that League One and League Two clubs within commuting distance of Johnson’s home in County Durham told the publication they would not consider a move for the disgraced player. The player bought property in the village of Castle Eden in 2010 and sold it for £1.75m in 2022.

Johnson has won 12 international caps for England


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In his first public statement after his release in 2019, Johnson made a point of expressing his “remorse” for his actions. However, his father and his agent Dave declined to comment when further comments prompted questions from the media about a potential return to professional football.

“I am truly sorry for the effect my conduct has had on those directly and indirectly involved,” said Adam Johnson. “This should never have happened and I deeply regret what I did.

“I now want to focus on the future and demonstrate through my actions that I am committed to thanking them for their support.”

Johnson was released after serving three years



According to The sun, the prospect of moving abroad is still on the table. The England international has become a father again after reuniting with his ex-partner Stacey Flounders, and the couple are “wondering if his future is overseas”.

There had been suggestions that Johnson might move overseas in a bid to resume his career. However, this was complicated by his sentencing.

He is required to inform the police if he plans to travel abroad, while various countries have laws in place requiring individuals to share details of their previous convictions if they wish to work there and undergo checks. of criminal record. As Mirror Football reported in 2019, moves to China, the Middle East, the United States or Australia seemed like non-runners

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