With ClubCorp Travel, you have access to the country club when you hit the road


If you’re like me, you hit the road for business with some frequency. And when you do, you usually wonder in advance if you have enough time to play a round or two of golf. Two issues come to mind:

  1. You need to find a place to play that isn’t a dog run;
  2. You have to carry your clubs, which is a pain, can cost money and weighs three times as much as your other luggage combined.

So more often than not, unless I’m traveling with a program that specifically includes golf, I usually don’t bring my clubs with me and don’t play. I say this using the past tense because I recently found a new service that takes care of both of these concerns, called ClubCorp Travel.

I was reading a travel blog that I usually browse when I saw an article that caught my eye, one describing ClubCorp Travel. As many of you probably know, ClubCorp owns and operates dozens of private clubs across the country. ClubCorp customers can purchase a full membership that gives them access not only to their home club, but also to any club operated by ClubCorp across the country. It sounds pretty good, and I have a few buddies who enjoy the fruits of it.

ClubCorp Travel is a variation of this membership. For just $50 a month (and a one-year commitment, so you have $600 for the year), ClubCorp Travel members have access to any ClubCorp club in the United States at least 100 miles away. from their home. For this low fee, members can play for free at any ClubCorp facility twice a month, per club with a set tee time anytime Monday through Friday and afternoons on weekends and holidays. Departure times can be set 21 days in advance.

Members also receive free on-site TaylorMade club rentals. So if you go to a bunch of different destinations in a month, you’ll never have to worry about paying play fees (although I’m told cart fees may apply extra).

In addition, members can access the swimming pools and tennis courts of these clubs. ClubCorp also operates about 50 business clubs across the country, and members can eat at each twice a month and enjoy a four-star meal. There are additional benefits for members, such as discounts on hotels, Omni resorts and other locations.

If you know the golf counterpart, there’s a lot of free stuff I write about (and explain). ClubCorp Travel is not one of those things. In fact, I signed up and pay for this service every month. They are waiving initiation fees as far as I can tell in many states so it’s a great deal if you’re a regular traveling golfer who doesn’t want to lug the clubs around or hike a tee-time site to throw the dice on a last minute rate.

I’ll be using the perk for the first time in Las Vegas in a few weeks, and report back to you on how it goes.


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